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Ralls County 4-H holds annual Recognition Night

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 12:30 pm

On October 20, 2012 the Ralls County 4-H held its annual Recognition Night to celebrate the accomplishments of the youth in our county.  It was held at 6pm at the Mark Twain High School Cafeteria.  Punch and cake were served. The Master and Mistress of Ceremonies were Fair King Cody Buie of Brice Happy Hustlers and Fair Queen Erin Rubemeyer of Rocky Point 4-H.  Jessica Stinson, the Princess of the Ralls County Fair led the program in pledges.  To begin the evening, club leaders and members were recognized.
Perry Pioneer members: Tyler Armour, Sahira Martinez, Elizabeth Northcutt, Krayleiigh Power, Kameron Asquith, Anna Gill, Kennedy Jaspering, and Shelton Woodhurst.
Liberty Wide Awake members: Hannah Smith, Emma Smith, Michael Steele, Nichole Steele, Clayton Robinson, Abilene Gatson, Garth Gatson, Candace Gatson, Kasey Gatson, and Jessie Fowler.
Rocky Point members: Cody Rubemeyer, Jaylyn Huddleson, Skyler Lempka, Teddy Lempka, Katie Meidl, Evie Rodenbaugh, Della Rodenbaugh, Stetson Klise, Bailey Klise, Laura Meidl, Erin Rubemeyer, Jessica Stinson, Joseph Meidl, Caryn Meyer and Alex Meyer.
Center Wise Guys members: Cade Carman, Cierra VanSickle, Riley Waters, Ayden Waters, Shelby Jackson, Joshua Brothers II, Payton Hawkins, Sydnee Brothers, Adam Baxter, Austin Black, Kyla Ingram, Nealee Kesler, Reagan Shultz, Morgan Willing, Tyler Jackson, and Kalin Shultz.
Brice Happy Hustlers members: Jackson Green, Clara Wallace, Will Hopke, MacKenzie Kurz, Tyler Schambach, Madalyn Cole, Anthony Cole, Sheridan Cole, Paul Schambach, Cody James, Abbegail Robinson, Dalton Buie, Parker Wallace, Dustin Cross, Cody Buie, Autumn Cross, and Tyler Cross.
Teen Leaders; Shelton Woodhurst, Kennedy Jaspering, and Anna Gill were recognized.
Cindy Woodhurst; leader of the Ralls County Junior Leaders recognized the 2011-2012 group of Junior Leaders; they were, Clayton Robinson, Kennedy Jaspering, Cody Buie, Dalton Buie, Katie Meidl, Alex Meyer, and Caryn Meyer.
Club Officers from each club were recognized.
Liberty Wide Awake Officer Team; President- Jessie Fowler, Vice President, Clayton Robinson, Secretary- Emma Smith, Treasurer- Abilene Gatson, and Historian Nichole Steele
Center Wise Guys Officer Team; President Nealee Kesler, Vice President Tyler Jackson, Secretary Reagan Shultz, Treasurer Adam Baxter, and Historian Shelby Jackson.
Rocky Point Officer Team; President- Katie Meidl, Vice President- Erin Rubemeyer, Secretary- Caryn Meyer, Treasurer- Jessica Stinson, and Historian- Evie Rodenbaugh.
Brice Happy Hustlers Officer Team; President- Tyler Cross, Vice Presidents Cody Buie and Dalton Buie, Secretary- Sheridan Cole; Treasurer- Autumn Cross, and Historian- Abby Robinson
Officer Book Awards were given out.   Evie Rodenbaugh won the Scrap Book Outstanding Award, Reagan Shultz won the Secretary’s Book Outstanding Award, and Abilene Gatson won the Treasurer Book Outstanding Award.
First Year Leaders were acknowledged and presented with a bronze pin for their service to 4-H.  Those leaders included Brandy Green, Jim Hopke, Michelle Kurz, Michael Lempka, Kay Rubemeyer, and Cathy McAfee.
The Report Form Application Level One Applicants aged 8-10 years old were Adam Baxter and Reagan Shultz and both were recognized with blue ribbons.  Level Two Applicants were Kalin Shultz and Jessica Stinson.  Kalin and Jessica were both presented with ribbons.  Level Three Form Applicant was Clayton Robinson.  Clayton received a blue ribbon.  Winners of the Report Forms were Reagan Shultz, Jessica Stinson and Clayton Robinson. They will be continuing on to represent Ralls County at the Regional Level.
Indoor Exhibit Awards from the Ralls County Junior Fair were given out.  Award winners that were recognized were Autumn Cross, Emma Smith, Dalton Buie, and Jessie Fowler. Showmanship Winners from the livestock shows were presented with jackets they were; Abilene Gatson, Dalton Woodhurst, Autumn Cross, and Candace Gatson. High Point winners in the horse show were Erin Rubemeyer and Della Rodenbaugh.  They were presented with 4-H horse belt buckles.
Table Setting winners from Achievement Day in April were presented with hand painted bells.  Winners were Sydnee Brothers, Jessica Stinson, and Erin Rubemeyer.
State Fair Demonstrators were Regan Shultz, Jessica Stinson, and Skyler Lempka.  They were presented with discs.
Fashion Review winners were given a disc for representing Ralls County at the county and state level.  They were Reagan Shultz, Jessie Fowler, and Jessica Stinson.
Public Speaking winners from Achievement Day were recognized.  They were Alex Meyer, Sydnee Brothers, Jessica Stinson, Clayton Robinson, and Jessie Fowler.  Clayton also participated at the state level in early September.
The Home Economics Award is sponsored by the Ocean Wave Extension Club.  It recognizes winners that exhibit outstanding work in the area of home economics.  This year the winner was Jessica Stinson. She received a disc and a $25 dollar check.
Candace Gatson was recognized for her efforts in Livestock Judging.
Shooting Sports members that participated at the state level were given ribbons and patches for their efforts.  Those members were Cody Buie, Will Hopke, Kyla Ingram, Cody James, Clayton Robinson, Michael Steele, and Kalin Shultz.
The 2012 Friend of 4-H was RC Harlow.
Gina Rodenbaugh was awarded the Outstanding Project Leader of Ralls County.
Oustanding Member Awards were given to Dalton Buie and Cody Buie of Brice Happy Hustlers, Reagan Shultz of Center Wise Guys, and Emma Smith of Liberty Wide Awake.