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Ralls County 4-H holds Achievement Night

Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 1:07 pm

Ralls County 4-H members participated in Achievement Night on March 7. Events held during the evening included personal development, table setting, public speaking, demonstrations, collections, and photography.  Some of the life skills the members practice when participating in the different events are communication, stress management, social skills, decision-making, planning and organizing, self-responsibility, and self motivation.
In personal development, participants are judged on how appropriately they are dressed for the occasion they have chosen.  Other elements of judging are how well an individual presents him or herself and their knowledge of self-care. The older division, 14 years of age and older youth, were judged on a simulated job interview.
The Clover Kids participating were Kolton Powell, Slade Keller, Mylee Keller, Bradyn Powell, Khloe Wallace, and Chloe Hodges. Participating in the 8-10 years of age category were Dalton Dameron, Danny Powell, Samantha Barnes, Makayla McCurdy, and Rachel Hodges.
In the 11-13 years of age category, participants were Devyn Keller, Krayleigh Power, Thomas Barnes, Carmen Wilburn, and Grace Nation. Halynna Yager was in the 14 years of age and older category.
Table setting is open to all 4-H members to participate in. It involves choosing an occasion and then creating the appropriate atmosphere with a place setting.  The 4-H member must choose proper dishes, decorations, and a menu to fit the occasion. Kolton Powell, Bradyn Powell, Khloe Wallace, and Chloe Hodges participated in the Clover Kid category.
Participating in the 8-10 years of age division were Makayla McCurdy, Marin Mallory, Easton Sharp, Danny Powell, Clara Wallace, Rachel Hodges, and Samantha Barnes. Thomas Barnes and Krayleigh Power were in the 11–13 years of age division.
Public Speaking is also open to all 4-H members. Halynna Yager was selected in the prepared speech category to advance to state.
Presenting demonstrations were Kolton Powell and Bradyn Powell in the Clover Kid division; Grace Nation, Horse; Danny Powell, General; Clara Wallace, General; Devyn Keller, General; Krayleigh Power, General; and Carmen Wilburn, General. Grace Nation, Clara Wallace, Devyn Keller, Krayleigh Power, and Carmen Wilburn were chosen to go to the state fair.
Collections was a new contest this year. Members had to creatively display their collection and answer questions about it from the judge. Participating was Makayla McCurdy.
In the photography contest the members did not have to be enrolled in the project. Their picture had to be taken after August 1 and entered in one of three categories. The categories were: animal, landscape, and people.  The entries were judged on focus, exposure, lighting, print quality, subject, composition, and uniqueness. Kolton Powell, Slade Keller, Mylee Keller, Bradyn Powell, and Khloe Wallace entered photography as Clover Kids. In the 8-10 years of age category in photography were Makayla McCurdy, Danny Powell, Easton Sharp, and Clara Wallace. Participants in the 11–13 years of age category were Carmen Wilburn and Devyn Keller.