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R-VI students honored at Award Show

Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 12:18 pm

Kylie Windmann receives her Air Force Scholarship Award.

The following awards were given out during an Awards event held last week at Community R-VI:
United States Air Force Recognition-Kylee Windmann
M.A.R.E. Scholarship-Kaitlyn Foreman
Griffin Family Foundation Scholarship-Amiee Basse
Griffin Family Foundation Scholarship-Danie Jackson
Griffin Family Foundation Scholarship-Katilyn Foreman
United Credit Union Scholarship-Ryan Maxwell
Knights of Columbus Scholarship-Amiee Basse
Audrain AgriBusiness Scholarship-Travis Swaim
Audrain AgriBusiness Scholarship-Avery Carline
Departmental Awards
LA I Star Award-Morgan Bryant
LA I Golden Pen-Danny Kuda
LA I Developing Reader- Dalaney Bowers
LA III: Star Award-Alissa Curtis
LA III: Golden Pen-Jewel Kessler
LA III-Developing Reader- Sarahann Taylor
Trojan Readers-Morgan Bryant, Damion Eckler, Morgan, Duenke, Sirrina Dunn, Natalie Gibson, Logan Murphy, Bethany Schmidt, Dallas Isgrig, and Odin Patrick
Yearbook Rock Star-Erika Byrd
Yearbook Rock Star-Ivy Stathem
Personal Finance-Sarahann Taylor
Business Technology-Katie Bertels
FBLA Member of the Year- Bethany Schmidt
Algebra IA-Josh Atkinson
Library-Spencer Dry
Algebra I-Savannah Rose
Geometry-Austin Stuart
Algebra II-Haley Kinder
Algebra II-Paige Risenhoover
Algebra II-Natalie Gibson
Pre-Calculus-Kylee Windmann
Spanish II-Ryan Maxwell
Spanish II-Christina Arens
Spanish I-Amber Nichols
LA II Star Award-Megan Kuda
LA II Golden Pen-Paige Risenhoover
LA II Developing Reader- Hayley Kinder
LAII Developing Reader-Alissa Craig
LA IV Star Award-Katie Miles
LA IV Golden Pen Award- Danie Jackson
Trojan Readers-Delanie Windmann, Katie Bertels, Paige Risenhoover, Maddee Gastler, and Weston Hart
Health-Alissa Curtis
Health-Erika Byrd
Health-Lauryn Robnett
Health-Katilyn Foreman
Health-Deann Brooks
Golden Broom Ball-Breanna Martin
Golden Broom Ball-Austin Stuart
Science Spirit Award-Anthony Arens
Excellence in Physics First-Deann Brooks
Excellence in Physics First-Lauryn Robnett
Excellence in Biology-Katie Bertels
Excellence in Biology-Taren Clark
Excellence in Biology-Levi Rafferty
Excellence in Biology II-Paige Risenhoover
Envirothon-Travis Swaim, Sirrina Dunn, Katie Bertels, Maddee Gastler, Ty Becker, Avery Carline, Ivy Stathem, Paige Risenhoover, Grant Stafford, and Hunter Houghton
World History-Paige Risenhoover
World History-Levi Rafferty
Government-Alissa Curtis; Government-Bethany Schmidt
American History-Lauryn Robnett
American History-Deann Brooks
Art-Weston Hart
Art-Haley Kinder
Art-Ivy Stathem
Art-Stephanie Martin
Art-Nicole Lynn
Art-Sam Atkinson
Art-Katilyn Foreman
Art-Althea Day
Art-Jewel Kessler
Art-Morgan Allen
In It To Win It (NO ZEROES):
Algebra I-Deann Brooks, Kaley Diesel, Dallas Isgrig, Danny Kuda, and Natalie Thomas
Algebra 1B-Klayton Bosworth, Cody Hoyt, and Abagail Replogle
Algebra II-Christina Arens, Ty Becker, Taren Clark, Morgan Duenke, Sirrina Dunn, Maddee Gastler, Nathan Gastler, Jewel Kessler, Stephanie Martin, Ryan Maxwell, and Paige Risenhoover
Geometry-Carter Blair, Tayler Cope, Alissa Craig, Damion Eckler, Megan Kuda, Molly-Claire Mays, Gabe Hale, Elisa Swaim, Katie Bertels, Morgan Bryant, Sadie Hoyt, Levi Rafferty, Garrison Spoor, Delanie Windmann, and Eric Hombs
Language Arts I-Morgan Bryant, Damion Eckler, Deann Brooks, Lauryn Robnett, Natalie Thomas, and Dallas Isgrig
Language Arts II-Paige Risenhoover, Katie Bertels, Alissa Craig, Megan Kuda, and Elisa Swaim
World History-Taren Clark and Alissa Craig
Government-Christina Arens, Alissa Curtis, and Bethany Schmidt
American History-Lauryn Robnett, Natalie Thomas, and Deann Brooks
Biology-Alissa Craig, Megan Kuda, and Stephanie Martin
Close But No Cigar (missing only 1 assignment)
World History-Levi Rafferty
American History-Kaley Diesel
Academic Letter-Ryan Maxwell, Sirrina Dunn, Katie Bertels, Taren Clark, Maddee Gastler, Nathan Gastler, Eric Hombs, Hunter Houghton, Megan Kuda, Stephanie Martin, Molly-Claire Mays, Levi Rafferty, Abagail Replogle, Garrison Spoor, Elisa Swaim, and Allison Troesser
Academic Bar-Katilyn Foreman, Althea Day, Kylee Windmann, Danie Jackson, Christina Arens, Erika Byrd, Alissa Curtis, Morgan Duenke, Matt Gastler, Cordell Hollensteiner, Chelsea Hoyt, Jewel Kessler, Bethany Schmidt, Ivy Stathem, and Charley Ann Stone
Quiz Bowl Letter-Christina Arens, Erika Byrd, Jewel Kessler, and Molly-Claire Mays
Girls State-Erika Byrd
Girls State-Bethany Schmidt
Sophomore Pilgrimage-Hunter Houghton
Perfect Attendance-Ean Meador
Principal’s Award-Katilyn Foreman
Community R-VI
Artist of the Month
Weston Hart-August
Haley Kinder-Sept.
Ivy Stathem-October
Stephanie Martin-November
Nicole Lynn-December
Sam Atkinson-January
Katilyn Foreman-February
Althea Day-March
Morgan Allen-April
Jewel Kessler-May
Artist of the Year
Jewel Kessler
High School Art Show
“Best of Show”-Morgan Allen “Self Portrait”
Drawing-1) Katilyn Foreman; 2) Stephanie Martin; 3) Abby Replogle; Honorable Mention) Ivy Stathem and Savannah Rose
Painting/Color-1) Ivy Stathem; 2) Nicole Lynn; 3) Haley Kinder; Honorable Mention) Katie Miles and Breaunna Schneider
Ceramics-1) Jewel Kessler; 2) Nicole Lynn; 3) Sam Atkinson; Honorable Mention) Amiee Basse and Kirkland Stubblefield
Middle School
Art Show
“Best of Show”-Aubrey Stafford-“Self Portrait”
Drawing-1) Briana Cochrane; 2) Emma Angel; 3) McCailyn Drainer; Honorable Mention) Katelyn Belback and Jeremiah Winkler
Painting/Color-1) Logan Britton; 2) Emma Angel; 3) Briana Cochrane; Honorable Mention) McCailyn Drainer and Daniel Turner