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R-VI holds board meeting

Posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 10:17 am

The Community R-VI School Board held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 18 at the school district in Laddonia.
According to the meeting minutes, the board voted to approve the agenda, consent items and the payment of November 2015 bills.
The board voted to approve the 2014-2015 Audit. The board voted to approve the purchase of Liability Umbrella and Cyber insurance coverage. The board voted to approve the 2015 December graduate.
Community R-VI Superintendent Cheryl Mack shared that there is a landscaping care plan and instructions for the front of the school.
The future of the Communicator was discussed. The October Ridership was reviewed with the board.
She shared that some of the Art students had worked on a Veteran’s Day project where the students drew maps and plotted out where Veterans are buried in local cemeteries.
Finally, Superintendent Mack went over the APR and the October Transportation report.
Community R-VI Elementary Principal Tammy Angel stated that October attendance was at 96%. Two weeks ago, the Principal Angel hosted a glow party for the students. This was in celebration of success in Positive Leadership.
The students enjoyed this immensely. She shared that during the last Professional Development Day, staff worked on Student Learning Objectives. Mrs. She also shared the curriculum that the elementary teachers are working on for this year and for the future as well.
Finally, she shared photos of Kindergarten students participating in a project in the new elementary science lab and of the 3rd Grade Thanksgiving dinner.
Community R-VI Secondary Principal Bob Curtis stated that secondary enrollment was at 160 students for October and attendance was at 96%. He extended a thank you to Sandy Gastler for the Veteran’s Day Assembly that was held on November 6.
There was a nice turnout for the event. He also shared that the Homecoming theme this year is “An Animated Homecoming: Where all our Swishes Come True.”
Finally, Mr. Curtis reviewed Student Learning Objective data.