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R-VI discusses 2016-17 calendar

Posted on Wednesday, December 30, 2015 at 10:30 am

Community R-VI Elementary Principal Tammy Angel talks to the school board.

Community R-VI Elementary Principal Tammy Angel talks to the school board.

The Community R-VI School Board discussed the 2016-2017 calendar during their board meeting held just before the Christmas break in Laddonia.
Superintendent Cheryl Mack discussed preparation for the 2016-2017 calendar and noted legislation at the state level regarding school start times and the State Fair.
Currently, 4-H and FFA students are not counted as absent if they are participating in the State Fair. Some area districts start earlier than Community R-VI while others start later.
Superintendent Mack said she did have the Mexico School District’s calendar, which includes important Vo-Tech information needed to help set the Community R-VI calendar.
Comments from staff will be collected in the coming weeks.
One major item to discuss shows graduation currently being scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.
The goal is to have a new calendar ready by February or March, at the latest.
Superintendent Mack presented the monthly transportation and transportation maintenance reports.
In comparison to the year before, the district is traveling about 1,000 miles less due to fewer school days in the week between 2014 and 2015.
She presented information and discussed the purchase of a used 2002 International Blue Bird bus and trading the 2004 Freightliner bus.
During the meeting, the board voted to purchase a used 2002 International Blue Bird bus and trade the 2004 Freightliner bus.
An offer of $2,800 was offered for the 2004 bus.
Principal Reports
Community R-VI Elementary Principal Tammy Angel stated that attendance in the elementary is holding steady at 96%.
She said the elementary students have been practice MAP testing this week for about four hours each day. The length for the tests was also discussed.
There is an elementary student who is attending the gifted program in the Mexico school district every Wednesday.
Finally, Principal Angel shared that during the second semester, focus will be on the new math series as well as looking at reading levels.
Community R-VI Secondary Principal Bob Curtis stated that the practice assessment for MAP is going well the middle school and high school buildings.
He said students are exhibiting a lot of effort and taking it very seriously.
High school students are focusing on wrapping up projects for the first semester and finishing their finals this week.
He talked about the efforts students gave on a special project for area veterans.
It was noted that Trojan Crowning was set for halftime of Friday’s basketball game. He gave special recognition to the interview panel.
Principal Curtis shared that only 8-of-111 students are below 90% for attendance in the first semester. Finally, he stated that the coin war ended with a total of $344 raised for the food pantry and an under privileged family for the holiday season.
The board voted to approve the agenda, consent items, and the payment of the December 2015 bills.
It was noted that a pilot MAP testing had taken place throughout a recent week. It will be done three to four times to give an idea on how students are growing. Changes for the tests were also discussed in relation to teacher requirements for special education, federal/state changes in approach, etc.
Teachers teaching dual credit classes will need a master’s degree in their discipline for 2017-2018. Some legislation might change this.