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R-VI collects dimes as main fundraiser

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 10:53 am

Community R-VI Elementary students are collecting dimes as their main fundraiser this school year.

Community R-VI Elementary students are collecting dimes as their main fundraiser this school year.

While most area schools have their students selling fundraisers throughout the school year using outside vendors, the Community R-VI Elementary School is hoping their new method will help the building reach its goals this school year.
Instead of selling items like wrapping paper, pizzas, or cookie dough, Community R-VI Elementary students are currently holding a year-long fundraising campaign called “Tens for Trojans.”
Inspired by an idea on Pinterest, each classroom has a decorated two-liter bottle to collect dimes through the end of the school year. The collection efforts began in mid-September.
Each Friday, teachers bring the bottles to the cafeteria during the morning assembly so a classroom can be recognized for collecting the most dimes during the week.
When a two-liter bottle is filled, there is approximately $400-$500 collected.
“We looked at this as an alternative fundraiser mainly because we feel like the community and our R-VI families are frequently being asked to buy something,” said Community R-VI Elementary Principal Tammy Angel. “As a group (PTO), we reflected on the items being sold so far this year (candles, magazines, pizza, cookie dough among others). We just didn’t feel right throwing one more thing into the pile. Secondly, we wanted to do something that was not a high pressure thing for our families. We raise money through Box Tops, and an app called “Shoparoo,” neither of these two cost a thing. If we can ask families to simply save us their dimes as they can, we feel like we can reach our fund raising goal.”
All of the money collected from the dime challenge will go directly to the students to purchase additional technology, recess items, and other classroom materials.
Principal Angel said she’s not sure how much money has been collected so far but did note that the 2nd grade, which features 25 students, are in the lead.
Each class has a traveling bottle as well as the bottle they use for daily collection.
Students can sign-up to take the bottle home for the weekend. If they are having a birthday party or other family activity, they can use that opportunity to ask for dimes.
Some students have taken bottles to the workplace of a parent and one student took one to a family reunion.
“I have an elementary representative go to the (Community R-VI) board meeting each month,” Principal Angel said.
“Last month, the representative took the bottles to the meeting and explained our dime challenge, she also encouraged the board members to contribute. This month, the representative will present each board member with their own collection jar to take home. We hope to have students attend City Council meetings and other civic organizations as well and present our project. This has been a great leadership opportunity for the students…If anyone wants to contribute a dime or two, just come visit us at the elementary!”