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R-VI celebrates Christmas at the O.K. Corral

Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Community R-VI grades K-5 singing “Christmas in the West.”

Community R-VI grades K-5 singing “Christmas in the West.”

Community R-VI Elementary School students presented “Christmas at the O.K. Corral” last Thursday, December 4 inside the old gymnasium.
The setting was the Old West as the O.K. Corral is near the small town of Snowy Gulch and it is Christmas.
Scene 1 (Christmas in the West) featured grades K-5. Scene 2 was called “Bubble Gum Bart” with grades 2,3, and 5. A “Sticky Situation” was presented in Scene 3 by grades K-1 and 5th.
Scene 4 “Tell Me” was performed by grades 4-5 with a solo from Alexis Koelling.
The finale of “Christmas is O.K.” was performed by grades K-5.
It featured solos from Maggie Meador, Victoria DiSalvo, and Brynna Beamer.
The cast of the performance included:
“Bubble Gum Bart” – Case Stafford
“The Candy Cane Kid” – Shelby Clark
“Betsy Booworm” – Lachlan Elsey
“Scoop, the ice cream saloon keeper” – Josi Holtzclaw
“Brenda Banker” – Kylee Gentry
“Mrs. Mayor” – Alexis Koelling
“Ironsides, the blacksmith” – Tyler Slayden
“Pennywise, the general store clerk” – Katelyn Dumaw-Belback
“The Harried Hairdresser” – Alexis Welch
“The Candy Cane Kid’s trusty reindeer Ralph” – Breigha Swygard
“Santa Claus” – Brandon Slayden
“Telegraph Operator” – Drake Campbell
Snowy Gulch Townspeople” – Matthew Crenshaw, Michael Hicks and Jeremiah Winkler
A Preschool Preshow included “The Reinder Pokey” by Jack Hartman and the traditional song “Jingle Bells.”