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R-VI athletes honored at Sports Banquet

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 2:57 pm

Community R-VI winners Justin Durham, Sean Wilson, Kaleb Harris, and Cameron Foreman.

The Community R-VI School District celebrated its athletes and coaches with its annual Athletic Banquet held on Friday, May 10.
Senior Justin Durham was this year’s recipient of the Mr. Trojan Award while Paige Curtis won the Lady Trojan Award.
The Sandra Schutte Award was given to Sean Wilson and Amelia Knipfel.
The George M. Dameron Award was given to Paige Harris and Cameron Foreman.
This year’s Booster Club Award was awarded to Carylle Ann Folta.
The list of award winners in each sport includes:
Cross Country
Letters-Sean Wilson, Ryan Kitchen, Lance Gibson, Cameron Foreman, Leah Mays, Kaitlin Orr, and Nick Jensen
MVP-Leah Mays
Gusto Award-Ryan Kitchen
Most Dedicated-Kaitlin Orr
Junior High Football
Certificate-Cade Lybarger
High School Football
Letters-Aaron Johnson, Lee Couch, Anthony Fairchild, Jamie Householder, Ethan Knipfel, Luke Robison, Keith Caldwell, and Tyler Mays
CMU Scholarship-Tyler Mays
All JV and varsity players at banquet were recognized with certificates.
Sportsmanship-Lindsey Gastler
Most Coachable-Danielle Brooks
Most Improved-Bianca Stafford
Hustle Award-Samantha Jackson
Highest Batting Average-Paige Harris (.440)
Big Stick Award-Katie Carline
Pitcher of the Year-Paige Curtis (107 strikeouts)
Golden Glove-Amelia Knipfel
MVP-Paige Harris and Paige Curtis
All-Conference-Paige Harris and Paige Curtis
All-District-Paige Harris
Junior High Softball
Certificates-Althea Day, Natalie Gibson, Madison Stone, Erika Byrd, Chelsea Hoyt, Danielle Jackson, Charley Ann Stone, Sirrina Dunn, Katilyn Foreman, Morgan Duenke, Jessie Hill, Alissa Curtis, Amber Harrison, Taylor Cope, Lexus LaGesse, and Kalynn Hilderman
Junior High Girls
Certificates-Danielle Jackson, Lexus LaGesse, Kalynn Hilderman, Ivy Stathem, Erika Byrd, Bethany Schmidt, Alissa Curtis, Charley Ann Stone, and Chelsea Hoyt
Junior High Boys
Certificates-Matt Gastler, Jesse Foreman, Avery Carline, Trevor Pepper, Tristan Hoeflicker, Justin Dawson, Weston Hart, Talon Kobush, and Johnny Hicks.
Middle School Cheerleaders receiving certificates-Althea Day, Amber Harrison, Nicole Gibson, Rose Jones, Raven Levings, Bethany Schmidt, Morgan Allen, and Dayton Cates.
Certificates-Lexa Cope, Racheal Levings, Lakin Davenport, Caylin Levings, Tina McCoskey, and Olivia Mosley.
Senior Pin-Tina McCoskey
Captain Pin-Caylin Levings
Most Improved-Olivia Mosley
Most Coachable-Lexa Cope
Most Spirit-Caylin Levings
Girls Basketball
All JV and varsity players at the banquet were recognized with certificates.
All-Conference-Emmalee McCoskey, Paige Harris, and Paige Curtis
All-District-Paige Harris and Paige Curtis
MSHSAA Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Award-Morgan Kuda
JV Award-Danielle Brooks
Highest FT%-Amelia Knipfel
6th Man Award-Bianca Stafford
Most Improved-Emmalee McCoskey
Most 3-point FG’s made-Amelia Knipfel
Hustle Award-Leah Mays
Queen of the Boards-Paige Curtis
Defensive Player of the Year-Paige Harris
MVP-Paige Curtis
Boys Basketball
Team was 21-6.
JV players recognized with certificates-Jamie Householder, Gavin Curtis, Gage Graves, Anthony Fairchild, Collin Dungan, Sam Polacek, and Gavin Spoor.
JV Player of the Year-Anthony Fairchild
Most 3-pointers made-Connor Brooks
Most Rebounds-Justin Durham
Best FT%-Clay Thebeau
6th Man Award-Cameron Foreman
Hustle Award-Shane Myers
Most Coachable-Ryan Kitchen
Defensive Award-Kaleb Harris
Most Improved-Lane Thebeau
MVP-Sean Wilson
All-Conference-Lane Thebeau, Justin Durham, and Sean Wilson
Track and Field
Several athletes were noted for setting personal or school records.
All-Conference-Kaitlin Orr and Emmalee McCoskey
Speedracer Award-Lance Gibson and Megan Byrd
Roadrunner Award-Kaitlin Orr and Leah Mays
Most Coachable-Tyler Mays
Rookie of the Year-Amelia Knipfel
Most Dedicated-Tyler Mays
Most Improved-Tina McCoskey
Most Improved Field-Keith Caldwell
Most Valuable Thrower-Jewelee Wynn
Most Valuable Jumper-Emmalee McCoskey
Sportsmanship Award-Sean Wilson, Cameron Foreman, and Nick Jensen
Sectional Qualifier-Nick Jensen, Cameron Foreman, and Emmalee McCoskey
Coaches Award-Kaitlin Orr
JH Track and Field
Certificates-Jesse Foreman, Amber Harrison, Johnny Hicks, Danielle Jackson, Lexus LaGesse, Kylee Windmann, Morgan Allen, Alissa Curtis, Sirrina Dunn, Natalie Gibson, Chelsea Hoyt, Bethany Schmidt, and Charley Ann Stone
JV and varsity players received certificates.
Trojans had first .500 conference record in coach Mike Boedeker’s tenure and has won six of its last seven games.
JV Player of the Year-Luke Robison
Hustle Award-Jamie Householder
Most Improved-Nick Jensen
On Base%-Clay Thebeau
Highest Batting Average-Clay Thebeau
Gold Glove Award-Doug Davenport
Pitcher of the Year-Jacob Eastwood (2.34 ERA and three wins)
Most Coachable-Shane Myers
Big Stick Award-Justin Durham
MVP-Kaleb Harris
All-Conference-Jacob Eastwood, Kaleb Harris, Clay Thebeau, and Justin Durham

Three sectional qualifiers and a 15-7-1 record.
Certificates-Caleb Bertels, Chris Wieberg, Sean Wilson, Treyton Kobush, Trever Hoyt, Bryan Allen, and Alex Becker
Most Improved-Sean Wilson
Sportsmanship Award-Trever Hoyt
Lowest Average for 9 and 18 holes-Caleb Bertels
MVP-Caleb Bertels
All-Conference-Caleb Bertels
All-District-Caleb Bertels, Chris Wieberg, and Sean Wilson