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R-VI analyzes scores as received from DESE

Posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 7:57 am

trojan-1Community R-VI Superintendent Cheryl Mack said the focus of Monday’s Professional Development time was on changing instruction to improve test scores of the district’s students.
The Missouri Department of Secondary Education (DESE) recently released a report on scores in the district.
According to figures on the state’s website, Community R-VI Elementary School received 57.5/70 APR total points, which was two lower than in 2014. It also had 82.1% of points, which was 2.9% lower than in 2014.
Meanwhile, Community R-VI High School earned 103.5/138 of APR total points. This was two points lower than last year. The 75% was just .4% under 2014.
In 2013, the school’s APR Total Points was 128/140 with 91.4% of points.
Meanwhile, Superintendent Mack noted that Academic Achievement improved from a 60.7% to a 67.9%.
The Subgroup Achievement did decrease from a 42.9% to a 33.3%.
College and Career Readiness saw no change and remained at a 98.3%.
The attendance rate decreased from a 100% to a 75% while the Graduation Rate remained unchanged at 100%.
Overall, the percent earned increased slightly from 78.2% to 79%.
Superintendent Mack also said the 2015 assessments were aligned with the Missouri Learning Standards in ELA and math so progress in the content areas was not calculated using the same methodology as in the years past.
The MSIP 5 Standards are Academic Achievement (proficient and advanced by subject area); Subgroup Achievement (proficient and advanced by subject area for students included in the super subgroup [Hispanic, Black, FRL, IEP, ELL]; College and Career Ready (percent of graduates scoring at or above the state standard on the ACT, SAT, COMPASS or ASVABP) and (percent of graduates who attend post secondary education or training, are in the military, or who complete a DESE approved Career ED program and are placed in an occupation related to their training); Attendance (90% of students with 90% or better attendance rate); and Graduation Rate.
Superintendent Mack said the ELA scores in the district remains strong.
“After looking at the math scores, the staff has adopted a new math series, and has purchased a computer based resource to aid in our math instruction,” Superintendent Mack said.
“Our goal is to continue to make gains in our areas of strength with a focus on our areas of weakness…In a district our size, the movement of one student from basic to proficient can make a definite impact on our scores at each grade level.”