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Preliminary budgets talked about but not worth much

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 10:25 am

I just hate politics.
Last week, the U.S. Senate Budget Committee finally attempted to pass a budget for the first time in four years. Obviously, if you and I try this, our own families might be on the street for not paying our bills.
This democratic proposal would reportedly achieve $1.85 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade through spending cuts and big tax hikes.
Republicans say that the total is a cover as part of it is already going to take place due to the mandatory cuts from the sequester that took effect on March 1. Opponents say the plan is more like $975 billion in cuts along with $975 billion in tax hikes over 10 years.
Meanwhile, House Republicans have proposed a plan to cut $4.6 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade.While both Democrats and Republicans pick apart each plan, neither plan really succeeds in quickly getting our national debt under control.
As of late Monday night, the U.S. National Debt shows the nation’s debt at $16.7 trillion.
Again, so what does a Democratic plan of $1.85 trillion in cuts or the Republican plan of $4.6 trillion in cuts even do to truly getting our nation where it needs to be financially?
Our nation’s debt has grown $10 trillion in the last decade.
At some point, something has to give. Our government officials need to truly get serious and work towards getting our debt back under $1 trillion.
Ten year plans to eliminate just a small portion of our debt isn’t good enough.
At some point, some serious cuts need to be made while caution is taken in the push to raise taxes anywhere and everywhere to bring in revenues.
I know I’ve written countless editorials about the national debt and I’ll continue to do so until I start seeing our government officials on both sides of the political aisle actually get serious about an issue that is setting our great nation up for failure like never before.
I encourage you to write our state officials and tell them what you would like to see done with our nation’s debt crisis.
• U.S. District 6 Rep. Sam Graves: 1-202-225-7041 (D.C.) or 1-816-749-0800 (St. Joseph)
• U.S. District 4 Rep. Vicky Hartzler: 1-202-225-2876 (D.C) or 1-573-442-9311 (Columbia)
• U.S. Senator Roy Blunt: 1-202-224-5721
• U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill: 1-202-224-6154