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Pray nothing but the best for those battling alcohol and drug use

Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 1:05 pm

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

Every week, I continue to read about the lives of so many people in our area and in our own families who are affected by the consequences of alcohol and drug use.
I posted some of my thoughts on the issue on Facebook this past week and it appeared I hit a nerve.
It quickly gained several “likes” and comments from folks who apparently felt the same way.
It just gets depressing at times. I have to put names in the newspaper every week and read daily online about how the famlies of those involved with alcohol and drugs are broken because of addiction and habits.
Many people turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to escape the tough things they are going through in their personal lives.
They find it more difficult to go to church to deal with the issues. Instead they enjoy the convenience of picking up accessible alcohol at a local store or turn to either legal or illegal drugs for another form of escape.
Many people also use drugs and alcohol as a result of peer pressure.
They’ve been bombarded with images on television and impacted by those using the two in their own inner circles that they see its usage as the “normal” thing to do.
I’m personally tired of reading  about more and more families being broken because of drugs and alcohol use.
Instead of showing people having a “good time,” I would like for beer commercials to show the reality of what is happening in homes where alcohol is always prevalent.
Many of the same parents who don’t mind spending nights drinking alcohol or those who once had a drug issue are many times the same parents that are disappointed in their teenagers when they start trying out one or both of the two.
It’s an unfortunate reality but many behaviors are learned from what they observe in their inner circles.
I pray that some day many of my friends and family and others would learn that they can deal with their problems and escape from them in other ways.
That they can learn that either of the two things are not needed to “have a good time.”
I pray that some day all of these folks might learn there is a loving God just waiting for them to turn in His direction every day of their lives.