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Power outage affects Vandalia

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 8:28 am

Power lines being addressed after last week’s power outage in Vandalia.

Most of the City of Vandalia was affected by a power outage on Thursday, March 1 that caused several businesses and residents to be without power for more than five hours.
Utilities Superintendent Aaron Rentfro reported the power went off around 2 p.m. and those affected did not receive power back until 7:50 p.m.
“The big, old gust of wind got us,” Rentfro said.
Rentfro said lines were knocked down to the ground and an explosion was made when connecting with a 69,000 watt cable
“One person said it sounded like three cannons going off and another said it sounded like 12 cannons,” he added.
Central Electric Company attempted to fix the problem but two fuses wouldn’t allow that to happen. There were also issues with cable lines that started across the road from First National Bank all the way to Missouri St. near the old lumber yard.
The adversity provided a unique challenge for Gary Rahmeyer at Water’s Funeral Home as he was hosting a visitation for family of the late Ina Nation. Rahmeyer said Ashley and Angela Rentfro as well as Richard and Virginia See provided him with lamps, lanterns, and candles to provide light during the scheduled visitation. He noted that the family enjoyed the unique candlelight event and said he was told that Ina Nation loved candles. He’s since been asked by others in the community about doing a similar service for their loved ones in the future.
Van-Far High School was not affected as  their power is provided through Ameren UE.  This is why the district was still able to host the Class 2, District 5 semifinals games that night.