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Police Chief Shawn Puls settles in for City of Laddonia

Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 12:18 pm

Laddonia Police Chief Shawn Puls stands alongside the city’s police cruiser.

Laddonia Police Chief Shawn Puls stands alongside the city’s police cruiser.

By Ben Marshall
The Vandalia Leader

Police Chief Shawn Puls applied, interviewed, and was hired in May 2014 by the Laddonia City Council after responding to an ad for the position.
Chief Puls became the city’s first officer since it was last served with a local police presence in the mid-’90s.
He was hired after the Laddonia residents voted for a tax increase to pay for a full-time police presence.
Chief Puls became familiar with the Laddonia area during a previous job in the Army traveling back and forth on local roads.
In the Army, Chief Puls was serving in country under the conditions of what is known as the Private Ryan Act; he being the last living male at the time of his family line before the birth of his son in 2009.
He recalls his first real interest in law enforcement came when he was able to work with the Fort Hope Central Investigation Division. They were investigating one of his soldiers.  As Chief Puls was then the active Platoon Sergeant, he personally took interest in the investigation and was looking out for his men during an investigation of a soldier in the platoon. The investigation of course had to be done through the chain of command therefore allowing then active Platoon Sergeant Puls to be involved in the process.
Interestingly around 1998 his mother entered the police academy. He says his mother was  small in stature, standing just 4’10” and 98 lbs.
This of course further inspired him to look further into his own person-al pursuit of entering law enforcement figuring that if his mom could do it, then he also could do it.
Chief Puls said as a child he remembers having dreams of being either a cowboy or a firefighter; however, his mother says that he also enjoyed playing “cops and robbers.”
Pursuing his interest he graduated the Police Academy in 2011 at Moberly Area Community College and went on to work in Huntsville for a little while.  He later was offered a better opportunity in Clark County at Kahoka, Mo.
Chief Puls is humble while being serious about law enforcement. He expects all citizens to get equal treatment under the law. He states that his vision as well as the vision of the Laddonia City Council as far as law enforcement goes is pretty much the same.
Raised in the Canton area, Chief Puls stated that he likes the smaller community where people can get to know one another and hopefully work together in keeping their community safe and peaceful. Also, in a smaller community, it makes life easier to enjoy his hobbies “being everything country,” he says.
He enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with family. He also is helping to organize and establish the renewed office, as well as design the new uniform and patch.