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Plenty of winners at the Vandalia Area Fair

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 8:25 am

Little Miss

Jacy Lowrance

Little Mister

Karter Cockrell

Tricycle Races 

Under 3 years

First Place-Tyler Carlyle

3 years-First Place-Jacy Lowrance; Second Place-Robert Ford

4 years-First Place-Brooklyn Whitteker; Second Place-Braelyn Dyke; Third Place-Garrett Hopke; Fourth Place-Blane Booket

5 years-First Place-Carter Wood


Egg Drop Contest

6 to 9 years-Kemper Franke

10 to 13 years-Walker Franke

18 years and over-Cole Lybarger

Grand Champion-Kemper Franke

Kids’ Pedal Tractor Pull

0 to 50 pounds

First Place-Casey Vannoy

Second Place-Elise Galloway

Third Place-Ashton Dyke

51 to 75 pounds

First Place-Skyler Faust

Second Place-Bryson Lay

Third Place-Brooklyn Cawthra


Mud Pig Catch-Boys’ Classes

6 to 8 years

First Place-Trevor Potter and Kyle Ribin

Second Place-Gavyn Potter and Jackson Orf

9 to 12 years

First Place-Payton Pargeon and Quinter Yanca

Second Place-Clay Culwell and Riley Culwell

Third Place-Jaydan Harvey and Cayden Caldwell

13 to 15 years

First Place-Parker Wallace and Jayda Borgmeyer

Second Place Sharrod Connor and Alexis DeTienne

16 years and over

First Place-Cody Weber and Jake Hunn

Second Place-Gary and Lindsey Fowler

Third Place-Nicolas Hoyt and Joseph Hazel


Mud Pig Catch-Girls’ Classes

6 to 8 years

First Place-Madelynn Caldwell and Abby Carlyle

Second Place-Grace Nation and Katelyn Pargeon

Third Place-Brooklyn Cowthra and Madison Parker

9-12 years

First Place-McCailyn Drainer and Tess Fox Davis

Second Place-Abigail Hunn and Devyn Keller

Third Place-Madilyn Ingram and Caity Flowers

13-15 years

First Place-Gina Clausen and Allie Schambach

Second Place-Alexis DeTienne and Jayda Borgmeyer

Third Place-Paige Dameron and Katlyn Hunn

16 years and over

First Place-Jalee Gooch and Kassi Slater


Pet Show

Tallest Dog

Misty Mae-Kora Jennings

Shortest Dog

Tucker-Kim Easton and Chandler Gutermuth

Best Groomed Dog

Tucker-Kim Easton and Chandler Gutermuth

Trick Dog

Tucker-Kim Easton and Chandler Gutermuth

Best Dressed Pet

First Place-Tucker-Kiim Easton and Chandler Gutermuth

Second Place-Misty Mae-Kora Jennings

Most Unusual Pet

Fuzzy Feet Spider-Kora Jennings

Best of Show

First Place-Tucker-Kim Easton and Chandler Gutermuth

Second Place-Misty Mae-Kora Jennings

Third Place-Fuzzy Feet Spider-Kora Jennings

Catapult Contest

First Place-Mike McCurdy-   102’ 5”

Second Place-Justin Fanke

18’ 0”


Super Farmer Contest

First Place-Tanker Finley and Maria Lowrance

Second Place-Kylie Stephenson and Jordan Epperson

Third Place-Cody Ankrom and Candice Rutherford


Backseat Drivers’


First Place-Jim Eastin and Patrick O’Connor




11,000 Hot Stock Tractors-no results for this class.

5900 Pro-Field Tractors

First Place-Larry Kemna, Jefferson City, Mo. 185 AC

Second Place-Amy Dobbs, Lebanon, Mo. 120 White

Third Place-Mike Steinbeck, Washington, Mo. 5000 Ford

8500 Limited                      Pro-Stock Tractors

First Place-Bryan Gerling, Berger, Mo. 1066 IH

Second Place-Scott Luebbering, St. Thomas, Mo. 7810 JD

Third Place-Craig Berhorst, Freeburg, Mo. 1066 IH

6200 Super Street Trucks

First Place-Quentin Lupardus, Tuscumbia, Mo. 84 Chevy

Second Place-Cody Albertson, Tuscumbia, Mo. 90 Chevy

Third Place-Dale Ebker, Owensville, Mo. 69 Ford

10,000 Limited                     Pro-Stock Tractors

First Place-Wayne Gerling, Hermann, Mo. 1066 IH

Second Place-Jeff Koerkenmeier, Tipton, Mo. 4430 JD

Third Place-Jim Cobb, Warrenton, Mo. 6030 JD

6200 Pro-Street Trucks

First Place-Bret Powell, Iberia, Mo. 79 Ford

Second Place-Bill Brouk, Ulman, Mo. 65 Chevy

6500 Limited

Super Stock Tractors

First Place-Chris Neisen, Lewistown, Mo. 8770 NH

Second Place-Ben Klott, Curryville, Mo. MX 150

Third Place-Dave Otto, St. Thomas, Mo. 9170 Deutz

Fourth Place-Aaron Wieberg, Martinsburg, Mo. 666 IH

Fifth Place-Mike Otto, St. Thomas, Mo. G1000 MM

Sixth Place-Jeff Dobbs, Lebanon, Mo. 2255 Oliver

Seventh Place-Ben Klott, Warrenton, Mo. 6030 JD

6200 Pro-Stock Trucks

First Place-Corey Walkenbach, Hermann, Mo. 86 Chevy

Second Place-Chris Meyer, Wellsville, Mo. 99 Chevy

Third Place-Eric Scott, Troy, Mo. 85 Chevy

Fourth Place-Mike Miller, Rosebud, Mo. 85 Chevy

Fifth Place-Henry Struemph, Belle, Mo. 85 Chevy

Sixth Place-Troy Shockley, Owensville, Mo. 78 Ford

Seventh Place-Dustin Struemph, Belle, Mo. 98 Chevy

8000 2.6 Diesel Trucks

First Place-Leah Scott, California, Mo. 03 Dodge

Second Place-Eric Haslag-Loose Creek, Mo. 01 Dodge

Third Place-Justin Andrews, Tuscumbia, Mo. 99 Dodge

Fourth Place-Shawn Friedlein, New London, Mo. 06 Dodge

Fifth Place-Randy Williams, Tipton, Mo. 02 Dodge

Sixth Place-Travis Justus, Hawkpoint, Mo. 02 Chevy

9500 Pro-Field Tractors

First Place-Chad Rohlfing, New Haven, Mo. 966 IH

Second Place-Ben Huhn-Westphalia, Mo. 1066 IH

Third Place-Chris West, Hallsville, Mo. AC D21

Fourth Place- Craig Schowe, New haven, Mo. 7080 AC

Fifth Place-Barry Kormeier, New Haven, Mo. 4010 JD

Sixth Place-Jeff Koerkenmeir, Tipton, Mo. 4430 JD


8000 2.4 Work Stock

Diesel Trucks

First Place-Ethan Strien, Jamestown, Mo. 05 Chevy

Second Place-Kris Slocum, Berger, Mo.  01 Dodge

Third Place-Brady Banner, Tuscumbia, Mo. 08 Ford

Fourth Place-Anthony Stark, Eldon, Mo. 03 Ford




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