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Plan in place for Vandalia’s Water Plant Conversion

Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2012 at 2:02 am

Tentative plans for the Water Plant Conversion were discussed in the City of Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen meeting held on Tuesday, December 13 inside the Lange Building in Vandalia.
According to city minutes, Chief Water Plant Operator Darren Berry told the group that after approval was received from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to proceed with the conversion, a meeting was held with Tom Wells of Trabue, Hansen, & Hinshaw.
Tentative timeline is as follows:
• December 2011-Complete the bid specs
• January 6, 2012-Make bid packages available
• February 7, 2012-Open bids
• February Council Meeting (moved to February 21, 2012)-Recommend contract
• Spring 2012-Work begins
The February meeting was moved to February 21, 2012 to provide greatest chance of being able to award the construction contractor for the Water Plant conversion in February without having a special meeting.
Mayor Ramon Barnes reappointed both Robert Bland and Fred Geerlings to another four year term as Housing Authority Board Commissioners. City Code Chapter 420 states there are to be five appointed commissioners who should be Vandalia residents for five years prior to appointment. The other commissioners are Delores Mottaz, Robert Dunn, and Kathy Hunn.
Aldermen unanimously approved Barnes’ appointments.
Holiday Bonus
Aldermen approved a measure for employee holiday bonuses. As aldermen have approved since 2007, Vandalia Chamber Bucks were purchased and distributed to city employees.
Full-time employees were given $110, part-time employees received $40, and appointed employees received $80.
Health Insurance
Assistant to the City Administrator Debbie Hopke told those at the meeting that American National (ANLI) was proposed as a health insurance provider for city employees in 2012.
The plan, which was accepted, represents a 7.5-percent cost increase to both employer and employee.
It is noted that the deductible is reinstated as well as co-insurance and co-pays.
Statute Revision
In a close vote of 3-2, aldermen approved a measure to revise a statue regarding dangerous buildings and proceeds of any insurance policy.
According to city minutes, City Clerk Karen Shaw said council directed staff in the November meeting to proceed with an ordinance which would require insurance companies to withhold 25-percent of the proceeds from covered claims for fire, explosion or other casualties. The proceeds would be released after the property cleanup meets with City Code regarding dangerous buildings.
The process is allowed by Section 67.410 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, and applies only to a covered claim payment which is in excess of 50-percent of the face value of the policy covering a building or structure.
The “Aye” votes came from aldermen Teresa Wenzel, John Weiser, and Larry Holt. Those voting “Nay” were aldermen Ron Stallcup and Dempsey Dixon.
The annual contract for the Alcohol and Drug Testing Program was renewed with the Audrain Medical Center. The program is for random drug testing and pre-employment testing for city employees. There were no changes in the contract, no service fee increases, or any changes in services.
Aldermen approved the Goal Setting Report. The report was compiled based on information from the November board meeting.
Investigation for the increase in retirement benefits (LAGERS) has continued since the October meeting and more information will be presented at a later date. Some options include going up one step to L-3, go up two steps in L-7, or go up two steps to L-7 with employee contributions.