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Pike County volunteers enjoy annual Christmas Party

Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 2:24 pm

volunteer-dinner-2014The Pike County Health Department, Home Health, and Hospice held its annual hospice Volunteer Christmas Party and dinner at Saints Avenue Café this past Tuesday. Approximately 35 volunteers and guests were in attendance.
Volunteer Chip Traynor gave the blessing prior to the meal. Volunteer Coordinator Donna Ellison and Administrator Christopher Deeken gave thanks and presented gifts. The Hospice Volunteers of the Pike County Health Department, Home Health and Hospice provide many essential services for the agency and the agency’s hospice patients within the community. These services include companionship, respite for caregivers, clerical duties, preparation of food for families and patients, running of errands, delivery and pickup of supplies, as well as assisting with various other hospice activities. A hospice volunteer’s role is one of a helper, observer, and friend all in the same.
Donna Ellison, Volunteer Coordinator said it best stating that, “the agency’s volunteers have a very unique role and provide a very unique service that we as caregivers are not able to render. Volunteers are able to fill the void that exists between loved ones and caregivers, being able to be there even when friends and family find it emotionally difficult to do so. They often do not have the emotional connection that families and friends have, which truly aides in helping families. Our volunteers  are trained to meet the needs of both patient and family, putting their wishes at the center of decisions and are flexible in their scheduled visits as well, only coming when they are wanted and in the patients best interest. Their position is unpaid; however, the care they give is priceless.”
The Pike County Health Department, Home Health and Hospice would like to sincerely thank all the volunteers for their hard work and specialized care provided for patients and families during this very special time of need.
If you’re interested in volunteering please contact the Pike County Health Department, Home Health and Hospice at 573-324-2111.