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Painting with Indians fundraiser scheduled to help “Wizard of Oz”

Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 10:23 am

Painting-With-the-Indians-2Van-Far teacher Jenniffer Hanson has announced the beginning of a busy schedule for the cast of the upcoming “Wizard of Oz” production.
“We are going to be having a few fundraisers to help with costumes, paint, props, rentals and royalty fees for the music and play scripts,” Hanson said.
The first fundraiser “Painting With The Indians” is scheduled for March 5.
• Session I is from 9-11 a.m. for grades 3-5
• Session II is from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. for grades 6-8
• Session III is from 1-3 p.m. for high school students and adults
Grades 3-5 costs $15 as spots are limited. Grades 6-adult are $20 and those spots are also limited.
Checks can be made out to Van-Far Schools. Deadline for registration is March 4.
There will also be a movie night held with the cast on March 19. Those attending will watch the 1939 original version of the “Wizard of Oz.”
Official cast for
“Wizard of Oz”
Dorothy: Autumn Brookshier
Scarecrow: Colin Wilburn
Tin Man: Jayson Orr
Cowardly Lion: Anthony Cole
The Good Witch: Makayla Vigil
The Wicked Witch: Abbey Robinson
Aunt Em: Jade Young
Uncle Henry: Aiden Lowrance
Farmhand: Morgan Slatten
Munchkin Farmer: Harley Young
Mayor of the Munchkins: Cameron Jones
Munchkin Barrister: Layla Ogden
Munchkin Coroner: Lily Boushard
Braggart Munchkin: Ennis Childs
Peeping Munchkin: Karisa Hayden
3 TOT Muchkins: August Foster, Bethany Grimes, Olivia Roed, Rebecca Motley
3 Tough Munchkins: Ayla Kampeter, Blake Foster, Skylar Curtis, Mckenna Engh-Hoffman
Munchkin 1: Lexie Jones
Munchkin 2: Lindsay Jones
City Father Munchkin 1: Fulton Walsh
City Father Munchkin 2: Ronnie Stanich
Private: Morgan Slatten
Foremost General: Aidan Lowrance
23 other Generals: Makayla Jones, Blake Foster, Pandora Seitz, Fulton Walsh, Rebecca Painter, Bethany Grimes, Aiden Lowrance
Oz Lady: Aubrey Bunge
Lord Growlie: Aiden Lowrance
Gloria: Madison Swank
Wizard of Oz: Sam Atkinson
Visiting Witch 1: Harley Young
Visiting Witch 2: Alyssa Hays
Tibia: Skylar Curtis
Servant: Layla Ogden
Ozmas: Caitlyn Sutton
Girls: Haylee Lumbert, Alayna Bryant
Trees: Ashley Stanich, Sam Atkinson, Makayla Jones
Poppy Flowers: Erin Childs, Giana Grimes, Bryanna Stanich, Kayla Heaton, Austin Beshears
Oz Citizens: Ayanna Hays, Clara Wallce, Ayla Kampeter, Ronnie Stanich, Cameron Jones, Ennis Childs, Makayla Jones, Rebecca Motley, McKenna Engh-Hoffman
Munchkins: Bryanna Stanich, Giana Grimes, Austin Beshears, Clara Wallace, Erin Childs, Ayanna Hays, Kayla Heaton, Trinity Skwerts
Flying Monkey: Blake Foster, Austin Beshears
Assistant Director: Micaella Love