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Overton’s former band set for album redistribution

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 12:59 pm

Album cover for "Brainstorm."

Vandalia’s Charles Overton was excited to announce this past week the purchase of rights to the first three albums of his former disco group “Brainstorm.” According to Overton, the Demon Musical Group will be re-issuing the group’s first three albums.
“They bought the rights to the first three albums and are re-releasing it worldwide,” Overton said. “When re-released, a lot of times the royalties percentage is not as big as they were but it’s great advertising.”
The Brainstorm album “Stormin” included the disco hit single “Lovin’ Is Really My Game.” The song was the 1978 Billboard Magazine Light Radio/Heavy Disco Record of the year. The album also included “This Must Be Heaven.”
The Demon Music Group is a record label from the United Kingdom and is that country’s largest independent record company that specializes in marketing of CD’s.
The group uses the services of Edsel Records, one of the longest-established re-issue labels in the world. It features a large catalogue of music at