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Nothing better than a relaxing vacation with family

Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 4:07 am

Sometimes the best vacation trips are not the ones planned several months in advance. This past week, my wife and I drove more than 16 hours to visit family I have living in Maryland and we made the decision to go there just a week and a half earlier.
During the getaway, we had some great visiting time with my family and worked in a trip to Ocean City, Md. for my boys to get their first ever ocean side experience.
They also enjoyed some Maryland Blue Shell crab meat I picked for them as I ate numerous crabs during two meals in the same day. Before the week was out I purchased some Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and Maryland Terrapins sports gear for my youngest boy I’ve successfully brainwashed to like all of daddy’s teams.
We finished our week by visiting Trapper Sam O’Keefe in Pennsylvania on the way home.
This trip was just what the doctor ordered for our family. The hamster running on the wheel in my head officially stopped and I was blessed with the amount of relaxation I received during this trip.
With upcoming family commitments that will delay any future vacation plans, the only opportunity for a getaway was last week and we took it without looking back.
It was made extra special as the first time in five years I did not have to worry about work deadlines on either Monday or Tuesday.
For the May 30 issue, our deadline was Friday, May 25 at noon for all advertising and editorial content. With a hope to leave sooner than later and a scheduled day off on Memorial Day, I made a decision to lay out the newspaper on Saturday and send it to the press.
This allowed me to work on print jobs and the Vandalia Area Fair Book all day Saturday before leaving after church on Sunday.
As the two other employees on my staff were unavailable to cover the Memorial Day services in Vandalia, I made a decision to run the information from the official program given to me the previous week.
After the past couple of years of providing quality front page Memorial Day event coverage, this year’s coverage was obviously lacking and for that I personally apologize.
My understanding is that a different speaker was featured at the V.F.W. Hall while both Cody Buie and Clayton Haddock performed “Taps and Echo” as representatives of the Chiefs Band.
We had no coverage of the cemetery services other than what was submitted for this week’s issue.
Truly our veterans deserve better coverage of the day’s events.
If you have any photos from this year’s event you would like to submit for publication, please call me at 573-594-2222 or email