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Newsies Stop Van-Far!

Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 10:42 am

The Newsies cast of more than 40 Van-Far students from grades six through 12 including some staff and adults was a big hit this past weekend at Van-Far on April 5 and 6.
Director Jenniffer Hanson pulled together a team of directors, stage crews, makeup, vocalist, sound and lighting, musicians, and choreography, as well as the acting cast, along with the help and support of many more to present to the community this year’s stage presentation of Newsies.
Newsies is a play/musical based on actual events that had taken place by the Newsboy strike of 1899.
Youth, referred to as Newsies who purchased papers in bulk to resale on the streets of New York for meager profit went on strike to force change in the way William Randolph Hearst, and Joseph Pulitzer compensated them. The strike was a success causing circulation to be reduced to almost a third of the previous 360,000, and increasing the amount of income the newsboys could receive.
The cast of characters consisted of Jack Kelly played by Jayson Orr, Ethan Winders played Crutchie, Davey played by Colin Wilburn, and Les played by Katelyn Sutton.
Newsies in the cast were Andrew Morris as Race, Morgan Slatten as Albert, Harley Young as Elmer,Aubrey Bunge as Finch, Fulton Walsh as Henry, Abby Carlyle as Specs, Kiera Hayden as Buttons, McKenna Engh-Hoffman as Romeo, Myka Cashman as Mush, Zyah Griffith as Tommy Boy, Reece Culwell as JoJo, Bethany Grimes as Ike, Ayla Kampeter as Splasher, and Jackson Cook as Mike.
Newsies 2.0 were Sharon Baur, Kinley Cashman, Emilia Grimes, Michael Allen, and Paige Wilson.
Brooklyn Newsies were Aubrey, Kiera Hayden, Fulton Walsh, and Harley Young. Spot Conlon played by Kinley Cashman.
Scabs one was played by Paige Wilson, Scab two played by Kyleigh Preston, and Scab three was played by Kinley Cashman. Autumn Brookshier played Katherine Plumber,Skylar Deimeke played Joseph Pulitzer, Sharon Baur was Hannah, Brian Hummel was Seitz, Jackson Cook played Bunsen, McKenna Engh-Hoffman was Nunzio, Michael Allen was Guard. Parker Hull played Snyder, Makayla Vigil was Wiesel, Layla Ogden was Oscar Delancey, Bethany Grimes was played by Morris Delancey, Kim Kirby played Medda Larkin, and The bowery Beauties were played by Sharon Baur, and Aubrey Bunge.
Nuns One, two, three, and four were played by Terri Udelhoven, Angie Morris, Amy Rost, and Sharon Baur.
Monte Hanson was the Mayor, Gary Fowler was Governor Teddy Roosevelt, Darcy was played by Kyleigh Preston, Bill by Kinley Cashman, Mr. Jacobi by Kyleigh Preston, Stage Manager by Jade Young, Paige Wilson played a Newspaper Customer, and Michael Allen played the Policeman.
Goons Tyler Robinson, and Brock Bennett were played by Isaac Smith, and Hulk Hanson.
Play staff and support were, Music Direcor Kay Bunge, Assistant Director Jayson Orr. Piano and percussion performed by Trevor Winders and Kay Bunge.
“Carrying the Banner” and “King or New York” were Choreographed by Connor Frazier.
Stage Crew Managers were Jennifer Young, and Jade Young. Madalyn Cole and Michael Allen were stage Crew. Jade Young was in charge of Makeup, and Pete Nasir, Ryan Morris, and Nathan Geesey were on Sound and Lights.