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Newly elected officials take office in Vandalia, Street Program passed

Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 10:56 am

Mayor Ralph Kuda, Jr. recognizes outgoing alderman Larry Holt for his years of service.

Mayor Ralph Kuda, Jr. recognizes outgoing alderman Larry Holt for his years of service.

Newly elected officials were sworn into office last Tuesday in the City of Vandalia.
City Clerk led the ceremony for Mayor Ralph Kuda, Jr., Ward I Doug Bontz, and Ward II Janet Turner. John Weiser won the Ward III race but was not present for the meeting.
After the ceremony, Bontz was nominated as Mayor Pro-Tem by Alderman Gabe Jennings. Bontz was approved to be the new Mayor Pro-Tem.
2016 Street Improvement Program
Street Department Superintendent Dave Hamby talked to the City of Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen about a proposed 2016 Street Improvement Program.
There was no change in the approved rating criteria used.
According to the drafted meeting minutes, the plan proposes $50,696 in programmed chip seal, $10,000 in programmed chip seal and pre-seal preparation. No asphalt overlay is proposed at this time. The program is expected to address approximately 60 blocks.  This would leave $116,116 available for next year’s program.
The list would be addressed based on highest rating until the funds were gone with the exception of unprogrammed chip seal which is used by the department to address miscellaneous needs as identified during the process.  Currently, emulsified oil is $1.79 per gallon. Early indications are that stone prices will be $16.50 per ton plus hauling. Any significant change will be reflected in the blocks addressed.
There were three options presented to aldermen for the chip seal program for consideration.
The information presented above was based on Option A, which was end to end, shoulder to shoulder only, no patches. Every street on which any work was done would be chip sealed from end to end, shoulder to shoulder.  This was the option chosen in 2015.
Definitions for end-to-end and shoulder-to-shoulder were outlined in the information provided to the board.
A copy of the proposed plan, spreadsheet of street rankings, and a street improvement map were also provided.
Some talk related to possibly doing two of the plans but alderman unanimously approved Option A.

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