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New photo voter ID law set for August 8 election

Posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 9:34 am

With the new photo voter ID law going into effect June 1, new voting requirements affect registered voters heading to the polls on August 8 for the “Proposition A” vote regarding a possible increase of the Van-Far tax levy.
Though there is an ID requirement, the Missouri Secretary of State’s office is reminding registered voters of how they can vote in three easy steps.
• Show a government-issued photo ID when going to the polls. This includes a driver’s license, nondriver license, passport, or military ID.
• Sign a provided statement and show one of the following forms of identification: voter registration card; ID from a Missouri university, college, vocational, or technical school; utility bill; bank statement; government check; paycheck; or other government document with your name and address displayed
• Vote a provisional ballot. The vote then counts if the signature matches the signature in the voter registry or if the voter goes back to the polling place and later shows a photo ID.
Missouri voters passed Amendment 6 last November with 63% or more than 1.7 million voters supporting the measure to allow state government to require the presentation of voter IDs at public elections in order to prove national and state citizenship.
The Missouri Secretary of State’s office is attempting to remind all voters that if they are reg-istered, they can vote.
As for voters needing a photo ID to vote, they can get one for free.
These voters need to take certified copies of either a birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, adoption papers, social security card with proper name, or naturalization papers that prove citizenship to a local license office.
The voter’s registration deadline for the August 8 election is July 12 in Audrain County.
The Mexico Audrain County League of Women Voters are working hard to educate county voters by visiting county events and displaying easy-to-read flyers with instructions all over Audrain County.
They are also publishing easy to understand advertisements in “The Vandalia Leader.” Those needing more help with this change can contact ShowIt2Vote at 866-868-3245 or email