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New Aquatics program approved by aldermen

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 8:47 am

Vandalia Police Chief Tony Laird addresses the City of Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen during their meeting last week.

Vandalia Police Chief Tony Laird addresses the City of Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen during their meeting last week.

Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen approved a new Vandalia Area Aquatics Center morning program and fee during their meeting last Tuesday. According to the drafted city minutes, aldermen approved a motion to add a one hour morning program/party option at the rate of $100.
The option can reportedly be scheduled from 10-11 a.m. An evening two-hour party rental will be maintained at $175. The additional program will not interfere with the regular swim lesson morning structure.
As an update, staff plans to implement an extension of pool hours, subject to staff availability and patron participation. Other changes in events will be offered if implementation is possible due to staff availability, and no change in fees is proposed.
Police Department
Vandalia Police Chief Tony Laird told the group that he was looking for approval for a purchase of Record Keeping Law Enforcement Software for the Vandalia Police Department at a cost of about $10,500.
The reason the purchase is necessary at this time is due to the fact that the police department software has failed and is unsupported. The police department has been using law enforcement software that was purchased in 2004 on a server that was purchased in 2003.
This is an unbudgeted capital item and the department will look for opportunities to reduce operating expenditures where possible to cover as much of the cost as possible.
Aldermen unanimously approved the measure.
An ordinance was authorized for a contract between the City of Vandalia and the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission, providing for Mapping of street sign inventories.
City Clerk Karen Shaw told the group that in December 2014 the board gave approval to apply for funding from the Transportation Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP), which would be used for assistance with mapping street sign inventories.
The requested funding was approved by MoDOT. The ordinance and agreement are necessary requirements in order to proceed with obtaining the funding. The mapping project is estimated to cost $6,629 and the Federal share request is 80% of that. Aldermen heard Bill No. 15-1151 and it was approved to become Ordinance No. 15-1151.
Aldermen Raymond Sutton and John Weiser were absent from the meeting.