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Month full of adventure and change

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 12:09 pm

This past month has been an adventure for my family to say the least.
I’ve logged around 3,000 airline miles flying to and from Virginia to be with my father, who recently had a heart attack and a battle with pneumonia that landed him into a rehabilitation program for 20 days.
During this time, as his only child, I spent countless hours on the phone dealing with his care. In fact, I was averaging three to four hours a day talking to doctors, nurses, arranging appointments and transportation, along with updating family members on the phone and through text messages. It was a very difficult process trying to take care of my dad a half a continent away.
Thankfully, my final flight to Virginia involved me packing my dad’s car and taking three long days of driving to give his body the adequate stops it needs to stretch for circulation and his lungs (as he battles advanced COPD) to move him more than 1,000 miles to Vandalia, Mo.
This past Sunday, my father became an official Vandalia, Mo. resident as we moved him into our home.
Three days later, we had to call 9-1-1 as he needed medical assistance getting to the hospital to deal with another bout of pneumonia while eventually learning the affects of his body now includes consistent afib.
I want to thank the Van-Far Ambulance District and several young first responders who helped us on Wednesday morning getting my father out of our home and into the ambulance.
His latest battle with pneumonia gave him a chance to meet many Vandalia area residents during a five-day stay at SSM Hospital St. Mary’s-Audrain in Mexico.
It’s been an adventure for our family to say the least but I’m so thankful to have my dad here in Missouri where it is much easier to take care of him than it is so many thousands of miles away.
In looking at our newspaper during this past month, we’ve had some errors and we’ve had some challenges putting together a paper week in and week out while things were going on with my father.
I want to personally apologize to our readers who may have felt the newspaper had a couple of issues that may not have been up to the standard I shoot for on a weekly basis.
It has been an extremely challenging time for our family. Fortunately, through God’s guidance and grace, things are coming together and we are extremely thankful for His guidance throughout the process.
You may see my dad with us in a store or at a ball game. If you do, please welcome him to the community.
I’m so blessed to now have both my dad and my mom, whom many of you know as she’s been here for almost 10 years, in the same town.
This is a whole new world for my family and I’m so thankful for this time.
Caretaking for parents is a new thing for us. Your prayers are greatly appreciated as we try to do our best in taking care of two people we love very much. I always knew this time might come in our lives and now I’m thankful that it has.
Not everyone gets to play an active role in providing for their parents in their later stages of life. I’m so thankful God has blessed us with the opportunity to do this.
We won’t take it for granted. God is good!