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Monday Study Club meets

Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 11:32 am

The Monday Study Club met December 12 at the United Methodist Church.
President Donna DeTienne led in the pledges to the American and Christian flags.
Chaplain Martha Hopke gave the Devotional from “Make the Moments Count.” It was about when we live moment by moment and think before we act we can plant good seed that will always return to us with good measure, pressed down and flowing over. On the other side, bad seed can return.
Hopke talked over our prayer list and prayed for their needs.
Jackie Marshall read the minutes and they were approved.
Val Galloway gave the Treasurer’s report and it was agreed upon.
Secretary Jackie Marshall sent Christmas cards to associate and honorary members.
The Roll Call was answered by using the word “Light” in scripture.
Hostess Donna Tilman gave the Duty from the lesson in II Corinthians chapters 5,6, and 7 about when we accept Christ we have the promise of resurrection as a free gift not because we are good but because Jesus is good and paid for guilt. She also gave the Question and Answer session.
The Special Study was given by Doris Ray from “Christmas Ideals” magazine, a poem entitled “Christmas is so Nice when Love and Happiness Come Around.”
The meeting was adjourned by members repeating the Club collect.
May all receive the gift of peace this year.
Those present were Jackie Marshall, Donna DeTienne, Val Galloway, Beverly Largent, Martha Hopke, Donna Tillman, Doris Ray, and Edna Mae Wallace.