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Monday Study Club meets

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 1:20 pm

The Monday Study Club met April 13 at the United Methodist Church. The meeting was called to order by President Donna DeTienne leading in the pledges to the American and Christians flags.
The devotional was given by Martha Hopke from “The Upper room” and was entitled, “How to Pray.” Hopke also led in the opening prayer.
Val Galloway, financial secretary, discussed the cost of new books and yearly dues. New books will complete our study from Romans through Revelations.
Corresponding secretary Jackie Marshall read the minutes for the March 23 meeting and they were approved.
An invitation to a tea at the Lutheran Church in May was read to the members by Donna DeTienne sent from the P.O.E. Club.
Roll call was answered by nine members using the word “witness.”
The Duty was given by president Donna DeTienne for the Bible commentary about the mission of Paul’s journey to reach the gentiles, the beginning of the church age, and evangelism.
DeTienne also led the question and answer session with all members participating.
For the special study, Edna Mae Wallace shared the story of a Vietnam vet unable to talk about things he experienced. He noticed his dad talking to an apple tree and decided to plant a vegetable garden. Somehow he could talk and sometimes “yell to the veggies” and say things unspeakable to his family.
Amazing, the things we do to heal our memories. Gods ways are not always our ways.
The meeting came to a close with all members repeating the Club Collect.
Those present were Martha Hopke, Jackie Marshall, Kay Reading, Doris Ray, Val Galloway, Ann Forman, Donna DeTienne, Edna Mae Wallace, and Donna Tilman.