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Monday Study Club

Posted on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 11:36 am

The Monday Study Club met November 27 at the United Methodist Church.
President Donna DeTienne led in the pledges to the American and Christian flags.
The devotional was given by Martha Hope from “The Upper Room.” It was about a woman who was lost on a road and ended up on a round about. This story reminds us to keep our eyes on Jesus who will keep us on the straight and narrow path which brings us back to Him. He is “Shepherd of the Lost.”
Members reviewed the prayer list and Hopke prayed for their needs.
Secretary Jackie Marshall read the minutes and they were approved.
Val Galloway reported the club account and it was agreed upon.
Marshall said that four cards were sent to encourage members in nursing home and in their private homes. They are always in our prayers.
Christmas cards were donated by Beverly Largent and candy canes by Hopke. These will go to members at Tri-County Care Center so they can give them out to their friends.
We also signed cards of Christmas cheer and sent them to our friends in their homes.
Marshall gave the roll call which was answered using the word “presence” in scripture.
Galloway gave the Duty, “The Most Wonderful Warfare.” Our lesson was in Ephesians Chapter 6, which states “we war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and rulers in high places. We must put on the armor of God.”
Hopke gave the Question and Answer session.
The Special Study was given by Marshall from “Priceless Gifts” which was two poems: “We Plow the Fields” and “Never be Discouraged.”
The meeting came to a close as members repeated the Club Collect. Those present were Jackie Marshall, Donna DeTienne, Val Galloway, Kay Reading, and Martha Hopke.