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Monday Study Club

Posted on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 10:47 am

The Monday Study Club met September 11 for the first Fall meeting at the United Methodist Church. President Donna DeTienne led in the pledges to the American and Christian flags.
Martha Hopke gave the Devotional from “Portals of Prayer,” about “Seatbelts Save Lives.” It tells us that when we follow the 10 commandments, it will save us from many faults that could lead to our spiritual or physical death. Hopke prayed that we keep the commandments for our safety. She also prayed for those with prayer concerns.
Club members Emma Belle Clithero and Helen Thompson are now with their Lord. These two great ladies added much wisdom to our studies. Memorials were made to their churches.
Secretary Jackie Marshall read the minutes of the Spring Luncheon and they were approved.
The Treasury Report was given by Val Galloway and it was agreed upon. Secretary Marshall sent cards out for birthdays, get well, and sympathy this Summer.
The Roll Call was answered by the word “wonderful” in scripture.
The Duty was given by Donna DeTienne from “Hayley’s Handbook” entitled “The Most Wonderful Study” from Ephesians Chapters 2-3, where Paul writes to the Church at Ephesus telling Jews not to be jealous of Gentiles. This was written while Paul was in prison in Rome. DeTienne also had the Question and Answer Session.
The Special Study was given by Galloway from “The Vandalia Leader” regarding Patriot’s Day. It told about the bravery of first responders and how many suffer still today from the chemical effects of the Trade Center falling down.
Galloway also told another story. The postman noticed a letter in the “dead letter” box. The letter was from a little girl named Meridith. She said, “Dear God, my puppy Abby died. Please let me know if she’s in heaven. She was a good dog and I have to know you will take care of her till I can be with her.” The postman found a book by Mr. Rogers entitled “When a Pet Dies” and sent it to her with a note. “Yes, Meridith, I too love Abby and am watching over her till you can come play with her.
The Club Collect was repeated by members. Present were Donna DeTienne, Jackie Marshall, Val Galloway, Kay Reading, Martha Hopke, and Beverly Largent.