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Monday Study Club

Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 11:15 am

The Monday Study Club met January 22 at the United Methodist Church. We had two lessons a weather did not permit the meeting of January 8.
Donna DeTienne led the pledges of the American and Christian flags.
Martha Hopke did the devotional “Take Time to Reflect,” and another one about how God changes our seasons, everything in His divine nature, God has us in his care.
Martha and members looked over the prayer request and Martha prayed for those concerns.
Val Galloway gave the club account and it was agreed upon.
Roll Call was answered by using the word “mind” in scripture.
Hostess Kay Reading gave the duty on the lesson from Philippians Chapter 2. Paul tells us to be humble like Christ, don’t live to make a good impression on others, your attitude should be like Christ always thinking of others.
Kay also had the question and answer session.
Donna Tilman gave the special study from GuidePost about a service man from a gas company who went to the wrong house, the lady was in tears her house was as cold as outdoors and her husband was in Iraq.
She had a new baby and said she prayed and asked God what to do. He fixed her furnace and told her the warranty was still good and she would not have to pay the $300.
The man went to his truck and his boss called and said he should have gone next door.
Snow had covered a number on her door.
He serviced the neighbor and someone had turned off the switch to the furnace, an easy job.
God always knows our needs and does care for us when we ask him to.
The January 22 hostess was Donna Detienne. The lesson was Philippians Chapter 3. Paul sees a glimpse of Heaven and would rather be with Christ knowing what is his, but thinks of his young pastors.
He knows they need his Godly wisdom and love.
Paul wants them against circumcision. They now have a new covenant with Christ shed blood. Now they are saved by faith.
Donna DeTienne also had the question and answer session.
The special study was given by Kay Reading from “God’s Words of Life for Women.”
Changes can be difficult for women, New House, church, school, and learning teachers and neighbors.
Things will be easier if we do not compare ourselves to others, don’t be overwhelmed, take time, know and ask Gods help, He is just on time, and take time to pray for help.
The meeting closed with members repeating the Club Collect.
Those present were Donna DeTienne, Val Galloway, Kay Reading, Martha Hopke, Donna Tilman, Janet Cafer, and Jackie Marshall.