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Missouri Veterans Home

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 12:45 pm

Highlights from the week
A church service was held on Sunday morning. In the afternoon, Janet’s Dance Studio students performed for the veterans.  In addition, the Special Care veterans also enjoyed reminiscing and socials.
On Monday morning, staff members from the Algoa prison visited and passed out gifts to each veteran and had special treats for “Soldier” (the facility dog). Several veterans enjoyed jokes and trivia in the activity room and in the afternoon, veterans played “Pass the Trash” card game. The Special Care veterans enjoyed listening to Audrey and Virginia play Christmas songs as well as a special visit from “Soldier.”
On Tuesday morning, the Vietnam Support Group met. In the afternoon, the first floor veterans and their families enjoyed their Christmas party with Santa and music provided by Bansastre Tarleton. The Special Care veterans enjoyed “Candy Bar Bingo,” games, exercises, and making wreaths.
The American Legion Post No. 26 (Mexico) sponsored a “Bingo” game Wednesday morning. In the afternoon, the second floor veterans and their families participated in their Christmas party.  The “Red Hot Steppers” performed and once again Santa made an appearance.
“Bingo” was the order of the morning on Thursday followed by shooting pool, drawing with a brush, and Lutheran communion led by Pastor Sonntag. At noon time, the Mexico Noon Lions caroled the hallways. Later in the afternoon, the third floor veterans and their families enjoyed their Christmas party. B.J. Davis performed music and Santa once again made an appearance. In the evening, the Second Baptist Church Missionary Choir caroled in the hallways.  The Special Care veterans wrapped gifts, had a social hour with summer sausage and beer, and painted pictures.
On Friday, the Mizzou Marines No. 828 sponsored a “Bingo” game and then the St. Brendans’ Christmas Carolers sang in the dining room. Later in the afternoon, Deacon Diemeke gave Catholic Communion. The Special Care veterans enjoyed socials.
On Saturday, the veterans played “Mexican Train Dominoes” and reminisced about past winters while watching the frightful weather.
The NAHCA group at the Veterans’ Home has taken on the project of “Secret Santa” for our veterans.
They asked staff to bring in gifts for the veterans.  Each veteran will receive a gift on Christmas day from a “Secret Santa” passed out by the NAHCA group.
Each year, the Veterans’ Assistance League approves the purchase of a gift for the veterans.  This year a windbreaker jacket with a hood was purchased and given to each veteran at the Christmas parties that were held last week.
The purchase of these jackets is possible due to the generous amount of donations that groups and individuals make each year to our home.
The Veterans’ Home veterans and staff would like to thank each individual and group that has donated to our veterans and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!