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Missouri GOP hopes for good representation in caucus

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 8:34 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

On March 17, GOP voters in Audrain County and statewide will be participating in a caucus to determine delegates for this year’s presidential election.
While it’s obviously important for GOP voters to make their voices heard at the caucus, the fact that the GOP finds itself in this process one month after the primary election is unfortunate for the Republican party and the state of Missouri.
If the caucus was similar to the one held in Iowa, the inconvenience of what is in essence a re-vote wouldn’t be that big of a deal. In Iowa, caucus results were known statewide in just five hours, though a recount was needed in this year’s close election process.
In Missouri, the GOP has up to 72 hours to award its delegates. This means Missouri, which was once known as a major swing state in the primary process by national pundits, has lost the relevance its held in previous GOP presidential elections. On top of the extended time to award delegates is the fact the delegates don’t have to reveal their commitment to a candidate until April 21, when the district convention is held.
Obviously, GOP organizers are hoping for a big turnout and that the proper delegates will best represent voters. Those closely following the caucuses are also interested to see if the February 7 primary election results that showed candidate Rick Santorum sweeping every county in the state will repeat itself or not. Perhaps everything will fall in place for the GOP on March 17 and later when the delegates meet on both the district and state level. Either way, Missouri’s GOP presidential race as seen nationally has taken a step backwards and will likely need to wait four more years to regain the significance it once had.
Community R-VI Win
It’s been a long time since I’ve witnessed an exciting end to a high school basketball game like I did when Community R-VI faced Silex in last week’s Class 2, District 5 Tournament.
The Trojans trailed the Owls by two points with 2.1 seconds left and a trip to the district championship game on the line.
Sean Wilson inbounded the ball to Justin Durham, who stepped back behind the 3-point line in the corner and nailed a 3-pointer at the buzzer to lift Community R-VI to the exciting one point victory.
The players leaped with excitement and fans reached some loud decibels after the win.
If you missed the exciting moment, you can relive it by visiting The Vandalia Leader’s Facebook page to view the last second shot. The video is also available in the game’s highlights package on our website at, there are no polls available at the moment.