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Missouri, Audrain County GOP gets ready for caucus

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 8:24 am

More than one month after GOP voters in Missouri unanimously threw their support behind presidential candidate Rick Santorum in a primary election that issued no delegates, many voters are uncertain of the process in a delegate-filled caucus scheduled for March 17.
Hosting one of 142 caucuses statewide, Audrain County’s GOP organizers are anxious for a big turnout between 8:30 a.m.-noon during the Saturday event held in the Community Room at the Audrain County Courthouse.
“We definitely welcome all delegates to come,” said Ed Kreyling, the Audrain County Chairman of the Republican Party.
While most voters are used to coloring an oval next to the candidate of their choice, the caucus involves a room full of GOP supporters from Audrain County choosing seven delegates to represent them at both a district and state conventions. Delegate nominations come from the floor and are voted on by the group.
In a strange twist, the delegates voted on do not have to declare support for any of the candidates, though Kreyling said it is likely those attending the caucus will want to know which candidate a potential delegate supports.
Strangely enough, caucus results may not be ready on March 12 like similar ones already held in Iowa, which took just five hours.
The GOP has up to 72 hours to report to the state the delegates elected and any changes recommended to the state platform.
“After the delegates are elected, we will go over the state platform and discuss it; I have a draft of it,” Kreyling said. “If they want to change the platform in any way, that’s the time to do it. Sometimes that gets a little heated up and sometimes it doesn’t…The platform may be the only thing that takes some time…”
The drafted state platform is available for viewing at www.mogop.