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Middletown holds reunion

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 11:02 am

DSC_0112cThere were several results from contests at this past weekend’s Middletown Reunion.

The list of winners and events incliudes:

Baby Show

0-6 months girls winners-1) Elizabeth Todd, daughter of Jason and Jessica Todd, of Wellsville; 2) Abigail Rawls, daughter of Dwayne Rawls and Kelsey Brennan, of Middletown;  3) Josalynn Marshall, daughter of Shaun and Shelly Marshall, of Middletown.

0-6 months boys winners: 1) Colton Pritchett, son of Chris and Carmin Pritchett, of Middletown; 2) Easton Hill, son of Josh and Regina Hill, of Middletown.

7-12 months boys winners-1) Kruz Ogden, son of Kassi Barclay and Michael Ogden, of Vandalia; 2) Bentley Davis, son of Ivy Davis and Adam Peters, of Laddonia; 3) Christian Winter, son of Samantha Winter, of Middletown.

7-12 months girls winners-1) Nora Winter, daughter of Samantha Winter, of Middletown.

13-18 months girls winners-1) Paisley McCurdy, daughter of Levi and Amanda McCurdy, of Montgomery City.

13-18 months boys winners-1) Kaiden Oligschlaeger, son of Michael and Julia Oligschlaeger, of Middletown.

Baby Show Grand Champions-Paisley McCurdy, daughter of Levi and Amanda McCurdy, of Montgomery City along with Kruz Ogden, son of Kassi Barclay and Michael Ogden, of Vandalia.

Turtle Races

Ages 0-K boys-1) Owen Cochran; 2) Jaiyden VonVain; 3) Austin McCurdy.
Ages 0-K girls-1) Hailey Cochran; 2) Meredith Wise; 3) Corissa Eckler.
Ages 1st-3rd-1)
1st- 3rd boys-Logan/Nathan Sproull; 2) Seth Walton; 3) Issac Todd.
Ages 1st-3rd girls-1) Makayla McCurdy; 2) Amy McCurdy; 3) Megan McCurdy.
Ages 4th-6th boys-1) Kaleb Turner; 2) Adam McCurdy.
Ages 4th-6th girls-1)Katelyn McCurdy; 2) Abbi Kleinsorge; 3) Megan Sproull.

Sack races

Ages 0-K girls-1) Alexis Brennan; 2) Sullee Falloon; 3) Danica Kaus (There were no boys entries.)
Ages 1st-3rd boys-1) Logan Sproull; 2) Tristan Kaus; 3) Nathan Woemmel
Ages 1st-3rd girls-1)Amy McCurdy; 2) Makayla McCurdy; 3) Megan McCurdy
Ages 4th-6th girls-1)Abby Kleinsorge; 2) Lexee James; 3) Brianne West (There were no boys entries.)
Open Class-1) Lydia Stephens; 2) Abby March; 3) Katelyn McCurdy

Bale Toss

Boys 16 and over- 1) Cody Ankrom.
Girls 16 and over-1) Maddee Gastler.
Boys 16 and under-1) Alex Kleinsorge.

Golf Ball Drop

Winner was Janice Pritchett.

Car Show

1) Jim Dunn; 2) Gary Heim.

Washer Tournament

1) Steve Risenhoover and Dan Eikle; 2) Pat Jacobi and Kyle Oliver; 3) Shawn Marshall and Nathan Iven.


Automobiles 50 years and older-1) Jim Dunn family; 2) Gary Heim
Automobiles 50 years and newer-1) Jeff Martin; 2) Carmin Pritchett
Tractors-1) Leroy Cochran; 2) Robert Dubbert; 3) Paul Peak
Small Float-1) Kaylee Marshall
Larger Float-1) Middletown Baptist Church Youth Group; 2) Picnic Pride, McCurdy and Kleinsorge families
Horse and Rider-1) Gary and Debbie Hodges

Kids Tractor Pull

Ages 3-5-1) Bryce Bishop; 2) Sullee Falloon 3)Hailey Cochran.
Ages 6-8-1) Rhett Bishop; 2) Kerra Smart; 3) Alyssa Beach.
Ages 9-10-1) Brianne West; 2) Katelyn McCurdy; 3) Shane Chandler.

Three Legged Races

Ages 0-K-no entries
Ages 1st-3rd-1) Logan Sproull and Tristan Kaus; 2) Leah Kleinsorge and Chase McCurdy (There were no ages 0-K entries)
Ages 4th-6th-1) Leah Kleinsorge and Abby Kleinsorge; 2) Lexee James and Seth Walton; 3) Libby Kleinsorge and Katelyn McCurdy
Open Class-1) Abby March and Lydia Stephens; 2) Abby Kleinsorge and Lucy Schnitker; 3) Lauren Turner and Cheyanna Scheeler

Frog Races

Ages 0-K boys-1) Evan Lynch; 2) Owen Cochran; 3) Ruger Marshall.
Ages 0-K girls-1) Paige Cochran; 2) Sullee Falloon; 3) Hayley Cochran.
Ages 1st-3rd boys-1) Chase McCurdy; 2) Seth Walton; 3) Rhett Bishop
Ages 1st-3rd girls-1)Megan McCurdy; 2) Makayla McCurdy; 3) Amy McCurdy.
Ages 4th-6th boys-1)Adam McCurdy; 2) Kaleb Turner.
Ages 4th-6th girls-1)Shelby Frank; 2) Kaylee Marshall; 3) Riley Cash.

Middletown GFWC Harmony Club Flower Show

Winners of this year’s Flower Show include:
“Proud to be an American”-1) Fern Penn; 2) Jill McCurdy
“As You Like It”-1)Fern Penn, and 2nd place Denise Crump
“Hometown Celebration”-1) Beth Schnitker; 2) Fern Penn
Red Rose-1) Jill McCurdy; 2) Amanda McCurdy; 3) Fern Penn
Pink Rose-1) Doris Cochran; 2) Amanda McCurdy
Bi-Color Rose-1) Amanda McCurdy
Miniature Rose-1) Doris Cochran
Any Other Rose-1) Amanda McCurdy
Coneflower-1) Jill McCurdy
Any Lily-1) Jill McCurdy; 2) Kristan Kleinsorge; 3) Beth Schnitker
Large Zinnia-1) Doris Cochran; 2) Fern Penn; 3) Jill McCurdy
Small Zinnia-1) Doris Cochran; 2) Fern Penn
Large Marigold-1) Fern Penn; 2) Kristan Kleinsorge
Small Marigold-1) Denise Crump; 2) Katrina Cash; 3) Jason Cash
Petunia-1) Jill McCurdy; 2) Kristan Kleinsorge; 3) Doris Cochran
Sunflower-1) Denise Crump; 2) Dan Crump; 3) Doris Cochran
Open-1) Doris Cochran; 2) 2nd place Leroy Cochran; 3) Fern Penn
Blooming Plant-1) Della Von Vain
Tomatoes (Plate of 4)-1) Beth Schnitker, 2) Amanda McCurdy; 3)Fern Penn
Potatoes (Place of 4)-1) Jill McCurdy
Collection of Mixed Vegetables-1) Fern Penn; 2) Beth Schnitker
Canned Tomatoes-1) Fern Penn; 2) Denise Crump
Green Beans-1) Fern Penn; 2) Denise Crump
Cucumber Pickles-1) Fern Penn; 2) Amanda McCurdy
Any Other Pickle-1)Fern Penn; 2) Amanda McCurdy
Jelly-1) Fern Penn; 2) Dan Crump
Fruit-1) Fern Penn
Open-1) Denise Crump; 2) Fern Penn; 3) Dan Crump
Jr. Division
“Lazy Days of Summer”-1) Alexis Brennan; 2) Larna Schnitker; 3)Makayla McCurdy
“Vacation Time”-1) Lucy Schnitker; 2) Larna Schnitker; 3) Meredith Wise
“Back to School”-1)Makaylie Brennan; Novalee Heuermann; 3) Meredith Wise
“Meet Me at the Pool”-1) Larna Schntker; 2)Meredith Wise; 3) Makayla McCurdy
Large Marigold-1) Libby Kleinsorge; 2) Austin McCurdy; 3) Leah Kleinsorge
Small Marigold-1) Makaylie Brennan; 2)Meredith Wise; 3) Makayla McCurdy
Large Zinnia-1) Meredith Wise; 2) Katelyn McCurdy; 3) Leah Kleinsorge
Small Zinnia-1)  Makayla McCurdy; 2)Austin McCurdy; 3) Megan McCurdy
Petunia-1) Nora Crump; 2) Emma Kmobrink; 3) Aron Jackson
Sunflower-1) Makayla McCurdy; 2) Meredith Wise; 3) Austin McCurdy
Open Class-1) Libby Kleinsorge; 2) Lauren Cook; 3) Austin McCurdy