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Mexico Young Pullers hold 11th annual pull

Posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 10:23 am

DSC_0008The 11th Annual Mexico Young Farmers Truck and Tractor Pull was held this past Saturday at the Audrain County 4-H Fairgrounds.
The evening featured eight action-packed classes on two tracks featuring the XCaliber Pulling and the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.
Results from the Mexico Young Farmers event include:
Farm Class-1) Jim Hardeke;  2) Scott Lipscomb; 3) Bob McConkey; 4) Matt Kenady; 5) Ryan Kennady.
9,500 Limited Pro Stock-1) Rod Schottel, “Old Black Magic,” Savannah, Mo., 318.34; 2) Randy Stuckenschneider, “Aces 8’s and IH’s,” Martinsburg, 315.10; 3) Doug Ruth, “Ruthless,” Downing, Mo., 311.98; 4) Mike Bousema, “Limited Edition,” Worthington, Minn., 308.94; 5) Richard Warren, “Cotton Mouth,” Scotts City, Mo., 301.68
8,000 Limited Pro Stock Diesel F.W.D.-1) Jason Hill, “Hill Brothers,” Platte City, Mo., 332.56; 2) Cole Matthews, “Cole Rollin’,” Savannah, Mo., 298.64; 3) Troy Wakeman, “Smokin Diesel Perf,” Lone Jack, Mo., 288.86; 4) Robert Dempsey, “Shoot to Thrill,” Curryville, 276.50
8,500 Limited Pro Stock-1) Otto Peterson, “Now or Never 85 LTD Pro,” Corning, Iowa, 325.68; 2) Allen Scheer, “Missouri Mule,” New Haven, Mo., 321.96; 3) Alan Tolsen, “Chiefs Hooker,” Chula, Mo., 320.70; 4) Brandon Trinklein, “466 Xtreme,” Jefferson City, Mo., 317.58; 5) Bryan Gerling, “Family Tradition,” Berger, Mo., 317.58
Prostock Trucks-1) Josie Miller, “Shock Treatment,” Rosebud, Mo., 326.00; 2) Keith Hammons, “Bi-Polar,” Green City, Mo., 324.10; 3) Mike Miller, “Big Deal,” Rosebud, Mo., 320.07; 4) Eric Scott, “Instigator,” Troy, Mo., 318.11; 5) Karla Miekley, “Coyote Ugly,” Billings, Mo., 315.06
6,400 lb. Limited Prostock-1) Andy Culwell, “Harvester Hustler,” Kingdom City, 328.03; 2) Mark Klott, “New Generation Harvester,” Curryville, 315.07; 3) Tim Wieberg, “Poor Boys Dream,” Martinsburg, 315.04; 4) Greg Bruan, “Capital Expense,” Jefferson City, Mo., 310.00; 5) Steve Johnson, “Sweet Dreams,” Gerald, Mo., 306.10
Modified 4WD-1) Bobby Crawford, “True Grit,” Kirksville, 323.04; 2) Steve Bringer, “Playing 4 Keeps,” LaGrange, Mo., 310.01; 3) Ryan Gooden, “Hot Shot,” Farmington, Iowa, 301.00; 4) Joe Merklin, “Bound 4 Glory,” Hillsboro, Mo., 284.09
6,000 lb. Xtreme Super Stock-1) Gary Horstmeier, “Super Hustler,” Kingdom City, 327.10; 2) Joe Merklin, “Red Power,” Hillsboro, Mo., 315.01; 3) Steve Johnson, “Sweet Dreams,” Gerald, Mo. 291.10; 4) Ean Reinhold, “The Road Runner,” Quincy, Ill., 289.02; 5) Chuck Lea, “Rawhide,” Macon, Mo., 287.11