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Mexico Young Farmers host 10th annual pull

Posted on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 10:23 am

A truck driver starts his pull during this year’s 10th Annual Missouri Young Farmers event.

A truck driver starts his pull during this year’s 10th Annual Missouri Young Farmers event.

The Mexico Young Farmers held their rescheduled 10th Annual Truck and Tractor Pull this past Sunday, September 6 at the Audrain County 4-H Fairgrounds. The pull was originally scheduled in June before rain cancelled the event. Both Xcaliber Pulling and the Illinois Tractor Pulling Association (ITPA) featured pulls. Concessions were made available from the Audrain County Cattlement and Mexico FFA.
Tickets costs $15 for adults and the event was free for kids 12 and under.
The top three winners of each race include:
Modified 2WD-1) Danny Teeter, Harrisonville, 338.07; 2) Josh Rayl, Marshall, 334.09; 3) Tim Sprock, Vandalia, 329.00
Prostock 4×4-1) Keith Hammons, Green City, 335.01; 2) Josh Phillips, Tebbetts, 335.1; 3) Karla Mielkey, Billings, 335.07
6,400 lb. Limited Prostock-1) Greg Braun, Jefferson City, 313.06; 2) Hayden Otto, Iberia, 312.06; 3) Darren Horstmeier, Fulton, 306.08
4.1 Limited Prostock-1) Jay Shafer, Troy, 345.08; 2) Jacob Hellebusch, Marthasville, 345.03; 3) Roger Liermann, Marthasville, 335.04
Modified 4WD-1) Steve Bringer, LaGrange, 300.11; 2) Bobby Crawford, Kirksville, 299.08; 3) Terry Hagedorn, Thompson, 298.08
8,500 lb. Limited Prostock-1) Chad Richards, Columbia, 308.02; 2) Brandon Mayer, Washington, 307.04; 3) Chris Gieseker, Martinsburg, 305.06
5,800 lb. Modified-1) John Young, 311.11; 2) John Gerhold, 309.11; 3) Chase Lowry, 307.02
6,500 lb. Super Stock-1) Robert Jones, 365.07; 2) Todd Maedge, 320.06; 3) Scott Whitworth, 314.01
7,800 Pro Stock Diesel Trucks-1) Kevin Cole, 335.11; 2) Matt Penn, 332.09; 3) Kevin Glover, 329.11
9,500 lb. Limited Pro Stock-1) Jacob Hellebusch, 299.06; 2) John Hagan, 298.11; 3) Mike Johannes, 298.00
Scholarship Information
There were several 2015 Mexico Young Farmer Scholarship winners announced in the official program.
The winners include:
College Student-Phoebe Frazer
High School Graduaties with declared Agriculture major ($500)-Jeremy Polston, Abigail Hoer, Mackenzie Stumpe, Lauren Ransom, Abigail Gooch, Jordan Schutte, and Madison Carroz
Bill and June Baker Memorial Scholarship-Austin Terrell and Kyle Roth