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Meme goes viral with former classmate and Hillary Clinton

Posted on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 11:16 am

11013518_10204565725170766_4525364686262570149_nThe Hillary Clinton e-mail saga continued this past week as the State Department released 7,121 pages of e-mails from her server. This was the fourth release of e-mails after a judge ordered approximately 55,000 pages to be turned over to the State Department last year.
One report shows about 150 e-mails reportedly containing classified information. Some of the e-mails discuss presidential concerns in Haiti, trilateral talks information with Syrian officials, discussion on hikers taken into custody in Iran in 2009, and so much more that will be brought to light in the days to come.
The trilateral talks by themselves are declared classified by their nature though Clinton still used her private e-mail account to communicate on the issue.
This process of attempting to hold the former first lady accountable has lingered for a couple of years now due to her staff taking so long to turn over records.
Her campaign even acknowledge that there was an attempt to wipe the e-mail server before turning it over to the FBI.
The FBI is now analyzing the server once located in her home that once hosted her private e-mail account. Analysts determined it was wiped clean when the account was deactivated.
When Clinton was asked about “wiping” the server clean, she responded “with a cloth?”
The White House said in March of this year that she didn’t heed the president’s e-mail policy prohibiting State Department officials from using a nongovernmental e-mail.
The newest dump of e-mails also shows that the former Secretary of State and presidential nominee didn’t tell the truth when she said she had her own server so she could use just one device.
Reports already show e-mails released involving Clinton notably checking e-mails on an iPad and a mobile phone.
This story really hit close to home this past week when a meme went viral featuring a split photo of Hillary Clinton and my former classmate Jason Brezler. A meme is an item shared on the internet by social media users.
On the left is a picture of Jason that says “sent classified material with personal e-mail to save lives; faces discharge.”
On the right is a photo of Clinton with the words “sent classified material with personal e-mail because it was easier; faces nothing.”
This was followed by national story written to show the comparison between the two cases.
You might remember, I wrote an editorial about Jason’s situation in November 2013 and followed it with an update in January 2014 when he was officially discharged from the Marine Corps for sending classified information using his e-mail.
At question was Major Brezler’s actions in 2012 when he received an urgent e-mail from then-Capt. Andrew Terrell regarding Sarwar Jan, a corrupt Afghan police chief previously known for child sex abuse. Jan had gained access to a Marine base and this e-mail alerted Brezler, who was in the U.S., that Jan was back.
Brezler responded by e-mailing a brief on who Jan is and sent it with his Yahoo account to those at the base to warn them about Jan.
It was then Brezler was alerted he might have sent classified information. He followed that alert by reporting himself to his superiors.
An NCIS investigation did find a folder on Brezler’s thumb drive that he used when in Afghanistan in 2010.
Two weeks after Major Brezler sent his warning e-mail, one of Jan’s teenage boys he had a relationship with grabbed a rifle and killed three Marines while seriously wounding another.
When testifying on his own behalf, this according to the Marine Corps Times, he said “his name brought me great concern, knowing he was somewhere in the battlespace. I immediately responded.”
He went on to say “his worst fears had come true” when he learned about the attack.
At the inquiry, prosecutors painted a picture that Major Brezler had knowingly kept classified documents for a book he was writing on his Now Zad experiences. Major Brezler said he had taken the documents home by mistake and used the Jan information in his manuscript without realizing it was classified.
While Major Brezler has already received his fate, though he is still serving our country as a firefighter in New York City, Hillary Clinton has yet to receive any punishment after this process has now went on for two years and she’s running for president.
Some could look at the treatment of the two cases as a double standard.