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Membership spikes for Modern Maturity

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 9:44 am

The Modern Maturity Building in Vandalia.

After a recent bump in membership, Vandalia’s Modern Maturity Center is no longer facing the demise of a no-strings-attached donation.

Having decided to donate the center to the City of Vandalia in early January, about 10-12 new members have given the Modern Maturity Center new life — as well as some much needed direction.

Curtis Graves, former board chair and president of the center, said he had to step down from his position after a three-year run, which left the organization without a figure head.

“My three consecutive years is all you can serve, so I had to step down,” Graves said. “We had a bump up in membership so we had new officers come in. We couldn’t find anyone to take (the center) on.”

He said the club eventually nominated Art Wiser for the chairman spot, who was approved with 100 percent of the vote during the center’s regular January meeting.

Graves said Wiser was then able to muster a clutch of new members.

“About 10-12 members jumped in pretty fast,” Graves said “They all came in and joined to keep (the center) going.”

“As  far as I know, they’ll keep the senior citizen building going,” Graves said. “The way they talked, it’s pretty final. I think it will all prove to be alright to keep it going. It’s a bad situation when the town dies down and a club has to close. We try to do the best we can to keep it going.”

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