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Medical marijuana cultivator to begin remodeling

Posted on Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 1:09 pm

By Barry Dalton

VANDALIA—Vandalia medical marijuana cultivator, 1913 Holdings, is set to remodel its building located on Lincoln Street beginning Aug. 24.

Vandalia City Administrator Dan Berry gave an update during the most recent Vandalia Board of Aldermen meeting on Sept. 9.

“I was contacted last week by a company named Echelon Constructors,” Berry reported. “They are the company that will be doing some of the remodeling to the building here in town.”

Berry said that the City of Vandalia received drawings of the layout of the building last month from 1913 Vandalia for approval. The company asked the city to send a letter to the Department of Health and Senior Services approving the layout.

“We did that,” Berry said, “and Echelon Constructors contacted me last week and they are wanting to start working on the building around the 24th of this month.”

1913 Holdings is one of two companies approved by the state to cultivate and manufacture medical marijuana in the Vandalia area.

The company is also the only one of the two that will be inside the city limits. Standard Wellness, the other company granted a license to grow medical marijuana, will be located just outside the city limits, but it will use city water and sewer.

Proceeds from fees garnered by the State of Missouri from the marijuana industry are targeted for Missouri veterans. DHSS recently announced it has begun the process of making the first transfer of funds from Missouri’s medical marijuana program to the Missouri Veterans Commission. The total amount transferred will be $2.1 million.

“Facilities are getting up and running now, and the first testing laboratory is on track to be operational very soon,” said Lyndall Fraker, director of the Section for Medical Marijuana Regulation.

“We are confident that medical marijuana will become available for patients this month, and I am grateful for all of the hard work by so many that got us to this point.”

Director of DHSS, Dr. Randall Williams, is glad to see the program reach another milestone in its development.

“Missourians voted on this amendment because it allowed for a safe and well-regulated medical marijuana program for patients, but it also was written to simultaneously benefit our very deserving veterans through services MVC will now be able to provide,” he said.

1913 Holdings did not respond to requests for comment on this article.


Pot Plant: One of the new medical marijuana cultivators, 1913 Holdings, will be located on Lincoln Street next to the Lincoln School. Photo by Barry Dalton