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Mayor notes concerns on proposed budget

Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 7:22 am

Mayor Ralph Kuda during the City of Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

Editor’s Note: The plan was to include more details in the following story, but due to a death in the family, time was not available.
According to drafted meeting minutes, City of Vandalia Mayor Ralph Kuda told the staff and aldermen that he was not ready to present the budget as it stood in time for the monthly meeting held Tueday, February 14.
It was noted that the budget must be workable, and he has the power to not approve the budget. There are no proposed employee raises, which needs to be reviewed.  Department heads need to be involved.  The budget needs to be redone.  The old format, which aligns with the software is recommended.
A time frame for budget review by the Board was discussed. The staff will proceed as quickly as possible, however 90 days is not unreasonable for that time frame
Jordan/Waters 2017/2018 Proposed Project List
City Administrator Chase Waggoner told the group that the current fund balance is at $164,489. Existing funds set aside for the fund consists of restroom remodel at Tri-County Park at $3,000; tennis court refurbishing at Tri-County Park at $9,400 and other park improvement projects at $4,000.
Proposed new projects are the new library building project at $2,000 and parking lot and sidewalk at YMCA at $26,089. Approval of this item would approve the funding of the new projects, and leave a fund balance of $121,000. Alderman John Weiser asked if funds for the library would be for material and labor, not just a donation. This could be done however the board wants it done.
Alderman Doug Bontz asked about a basketball court at Tri-County Park.
Will Parker, a resident on South Maple, requested that consideration be given to some money to be spent to upgrade Partee Park. Alderman Bob Dunn moved to approve the new projects for the Jordan/Waters Trust Project list.  Alderman Janet Turner seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.
Citizens to be Heard
During the Citizens to be Heard portion of the meeting, Erick Creach, from Gilmore & Bell, PC, explained the process to complete the refinancing of the municipal pool.  An item on the agenda is a bill/ordinance that authorizes and approves related documents and actions to complete this process.
Denise Chamberlain spoke to the group regarding visibility issues at West Page and North Main.
Pamela Pargeon and Errett Pargeon spoke to the group regarding a police issue at their residence.
Patricia Kraft asked about sirens sounding on Monday night. Mayor Kuda stated that they were set off in Mexico as there was a tornado sighting there.
Steve Shramek and Jerry Woodson spoke to the group regarding another police issue.
Audrain County Eastern Commissioner Alan Winders was present to clear up what was reported by him regarding the council’s feedback on proposed roundabouts. Eastern District Commissioner Winders also stated that there is a community meeting regarding this issue this Thursday at 4:30 p.m. at Community R-VI.