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Martinsburg celebrates with Picnic

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 12:46 pm

The Kountry Kickers enjoy a dance with their Duck Dynasty counterparts during the Martinsburg Picnic this past weekend.

The Kountry Kickers enjoy a dance with their Duck Dynasty counterparts during the Martinsburg Picnic this past weekend.

There were several winners in a variety of contests held during the annual Martinsburg Picnic held August 15-16. The event was hosted by the Modern Woodmen of America Camp No. 2556.
The Duck Dynasty themed event also featured a parade, a Baby Show, along with entertainment from Andy Baker, and the bluegrass band “Grandma’s Soup.”
Jeannine Anderson, of “Grandma’s Soup,” performed several fire tricks like breathing fire as well as a hula hoop on fire routine.
The Old City Jail displayed veterans and the military.
Food stands were sponsored by Pork Producers, Audrain County R-VI FFA, and the Knights of Columbus.
The Beer Garden was sponsored by the American Legion Post No. 0552. Winners included:
Pedal Tractor Pull
Girls age 3-4
1) Chloe Hodges; 2) Awnna Middleton; 3) Ava Scheiner; 4) Tess Timmerman
Boys age 3-4
1) Gabe Griffen; 2) Gabe Timmerman; 3) Colton Risenhoover; 4) Eli Isgrig; Brandon Brinker
Girls age 5
1) Gracie Welch; 2) Lydia Hoyt; 3) Jozie Winkler
Boys age 5
1) Jayce Homes; 2) Kyler Cox;
Girls age 6
1) Elizabeth Scheiner; 2) Asia Lovelace
Boys age 6
1) Austin Swaim; Clayton Eikel; 3) Kasey Dubbert
Girls age 7
1) Olivia Schafer; 2) Haley Caldwell
Boys age 7
1) Lane Carter; 2) Sean Buckman; 3) Drake Welch
Girls age 8
Boys age 8
1) Dylan Hoyt
Girls age 9
1) Madelynn Caldwell
Boys age 9
1) Logan Pursifull; 2) Aaron Carter; 3) Gaven Allen; 4) Lance Fort
Girls age 10
1) Nicole Lovelace
Boys age 10
1) Joe Dubbert; 2) Jeremiah Winkler
Girls age 11
1) Emily Hoyt
Boys age 11
1) Lane Couch; 2) Matthew Crenshaw; 3) Cayden Caldwell
Girls age 12
Boys age 12
1) Ethan Fort
Parade Results
Best Entry
St. Joseph Early Learning Center
Best Theme Float
Wednesday Nigh Quack Pack
Best Antique Tractor- “Uncle Ted” John Deere 420, owned by Roger Cope, driven by Debbie Cope
Best Antique Vehicle
1923 Model “T” Dumptruck owned by Tony Becker
Hula Hoop Contest
Age 4-6
1) Lydia; 2) Brooklyn Lee; Awnna Middleton
Age 7-9
1) Madelynn Caldwell; 2) Brooklyn Uebinger; 3) Haley Caldwell
Age 10-12
1) Taralynn Robar; 2) Tori Lane; 3) Kaitlyn Bohr
Baby Doll Buggy
Decoration Contest
1) tie-Lydia Hoyt (Mizzou Theme) and Sophie Fennewald (Fairy Theme)
Sack Jump Race
Age 4-6
1) Gracie Welch; 2) Lydia Hoyt; 3) Gabe Griffen
Age 7-9
1) Dylan Hoyt; 2) Charlie Allen; 3) Aaron Carter
Age 10-12
1) Emily Hoyt; 2) Kaitlyn Bohr; 3) Taralynn Robar
Three-Legged Race
Age 4-6
1) Lydia Hoyt and Gracie Welch; 2) Jozie Winkler and Alexic Robar; 3) Gabe Griffen and Kyler Cox
Age 7-9
1) Aaron Carter and Dylan Hoyt; Brooklyn Uebinger and Madelynn Caldwell; 3) Drake Welch and Lane Carter
Age 10-12
1) Lane Couch and Jeremiah Winkler; 2) Kaitlyn Bohr and Sarah Angel; 3) Madelynn Caldwell and Taralynn Robar
Oldest Person
John Carline, 89
Longest Distance Traveled
Kara Sanders, Apple Valley, California
Little Mr. and Little Miss
Little Miss-Tatum Dailey, 4 years old, daughter of Paula and Norman Dailey, of Fulton
Little Mr.-Gabrial Griffin, 4 years old, son of Dustin and Melanie Griffin, of Columbia
Look-a-Like Contest
1)Allen and Matthew Harris, Allen is the 13 month old son of Matthew Harris, of Montgomery City; 2)Bailey and Dawn Miller, Bailey is the 3 year old daughter of Dawn and Burt Miller, of Montgomery City; 3)Matthew and Charlie Lincoln, Matthew is the 5 year old son of Charlie and Brandi Lincoln of Mexico
Turtle Race
Winner Lane Carter, 7 year old son of Alan and Leslie Carter, of Martinsburg
Duck Call Contest
1) tie-Chloe Shepherd, 2 years old, daughter of Michael and Tracey Shepherd, of Columbia  and Jace Holmes, 5 years old, son of Heather and Jeffrey Holmes, of Wellsville.
(No Washer Tournament results were reported as of press time.)