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Marriage Licenses

Posted on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 8:10 am

The following people have applied for their marriage license in the office of the Recorder of Deeds:
Gabriel Allen Bell, Springfield, Ill., and Alesia Diane Foster, Springfield, Ill.
Joseph Nathan David, Mexico, Mo., and Amber Nicole House, Mexico, Mo.
Tyler William Allen, Mexico, Mo., and Lianna Frances Spurling, Mexico, Mo.
Christopher Joseph Taylor, Mexico, Mo. and Heather Nichoel Ward, Mexico, Mo.
Brian Joe Haberthier, Mexico, Mo., and Amanda Lynn Cunningham, Mexico, Mo.
Andrew Stephen Bertels, Mexico, Mo., and Megan Marie Goodwin, Mexico, Mo.
Daren Dean Swaim, Martinsburg, Mo., and Esther Illene Smith, Martinsburg, Mo.
Alex Michael Hoer, Mexico, Mo., and Jesse Raquel Lenz, Mexico, Mo.
Justin Matthew Goodwin, Perry, Mo., and Abigail Marie Buck, Perry, Mo.
Sean Andrew Nilges, Mexico, Mo., and Lindsey Deanna Caldwell, Mexico, Mo.
John L. Gingerich, Clark, Mo. and Lena W. Petersheim, Clark, Mo.
William Joseph Oakes, Mexico, Mo. and Ashley Nichole Tweedy, Mexico, Mo.
Phillip Cory Frey, Vandalia, Mo. and Jennifer Lee Sanders, Vandalia, Mo.
Patrick Jan VanVactor, Mexico, Mo. and Rebecca Catherine Walker, Mexico, Mo.
Jeffrie Wayne Cash, Mexico, Mo., and Olivia Frances Miller, Mexico, Mo.
Mario Edgar Garcia, Mexico, Mo., and Danna Leann Goshorn, Mexico, Mo.
Randall Eugene Tollett, Mexico, Mo. and Hannah Layne Guerin, Mexico, Mo.