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Marriage Licenses

Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 2:17 pm

The following people have applied for their marriage license in the office of the Recorder of Deeds Janis Deimeke:

Michael Leslie Salmons, Fulton, Mo. and Stephanie Ann Kuczma, Vandalia, Mo.
Glenn T. Higgenbotham III, Mexico, Mo. and Heather Danille Fletcher, Mexico, Mo.
David Charles Goosey, Mexico, Mo. and Christina Nicole Herman, Mexico, Mo.
Andrew Lee Baker, Mexico, Mo. and Ellen Marie Bastian, Mexico, Mo.
Michael Ray Monge, Thompson, Mo. and Dana Kathleen Lee, Thompson, Mo.
Eric Dean Minor, Mexico, Mo. and Marci Michelle Wilburn, Mexico, Mo.
Alan Lynn Heimer, Mexico, Mo. and Emily Kaye Strachan, Mexico, Mo.
Scott Andrew Meislin, Mexico, Mo. and Tina Christina Rubio, Mexico, Mo.
William Travis Schutte, Mexico, Mo. and Jamie Simeonidis, Mexico, Mo.
Tyler Clayton Wright, Mexico, Mo. and Alexa Nicole Graham, Mexico, Mo.
John Milo Malcolm, Mexico, Mo. and Amy Marie Malcolm, Mexico, Mo.
Michael Ray Nickles, Irondale, Mo. and Narcissus Eva Farris, Vandalia, Mo.
Edward Darrin Young, Kennett, Mo. and Patricia Yvonne Perry, Vandalia, Mo.
Nathan Kenneth Dietemann, St. Peters, Mo. and Kristine Dela-Cruz, Vandalia, Mo.
James Larue Starks, Springfield, Mo. and Amy Rachelle Huddleston, Vandalia, Mo.
Chad Eugene Mergelmeyer, Jefferson City, Mo. and Connie Ann Raybourn, Vandalia, Mo.
Joshua Eugene Farrah, Mexico, Mo. and Shauna LeeAnne Lierheimer, Mexico, Mo.
Derek Luther George, Mexico, Mo. and Dominia Deon Brown, Mexico, Mo.