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Losing a parent causes reflection

Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 7:27 am

I want to publicly thank everyone who has offered our family their prayers, thoughts, and concerns this past week as my step-mom Nancy Scruggs Schott passed away.
We have received countless Social Media expressions of support, text messages, and more.
These came in two weeks ago when I bought a plane ticket to fly out to Maryland to be there for some of her final moments and through the 36-hour, 2,000+mile road trip that ended after midnight this past Monday.
The latest trip was for our family of six to attend her funeral.
As I type this editorial, I’m tired and exhausted.
Two weeks in a row, I’ve arrived back from Maryland after midnight on Monday morning.
My step-mom passed  away last Monday just hours after I arrived home and it’s been extremely difficult putting out these past two issues of the paper on a deadline crunch.
I apologize if I’ve had to hold some stories past its current issue or if the stories lacked some details but truly I had no choice. I just run out of time both weeks and still am trying to regroup from losing my first parent.
For years, I’ve put the obituaries for other readers’ parents in the paper but this is the first parent obituary for me.
My heart aches for the countless others who have had to put obituaries in the paper for their parents.
It’s one of the final things that happen once a parent has passed on. It memorializes a life for a moment though the memories will last forever. It’s strange to look at the obituary page and see my step-mom on there. I cried when I was proofing the page.
My heart aches for my dad, who was married to my step-mom for 25 years. While she was mostly bed-ridden in a nursing home for the past year, he sat by her side like he was a nurse on the clock from around 8 a.m. until dark, seven days a week. The only time he wasn’t there was when she called him to tell him to stay home due to the weather. Of course, when he didn’t show, she called hours later asking where he was at?
This is a tough time for my dad and all of the prayers you can send his way are indeed helpful. His name is easy to remember; it’s the same as mine but he’s a Sr. and I’m a Jr.
In the meantime, this loss has forced me to think about my parents like never before. My dad has his own health challenges and I have a want to be there for him like never before.
Many of you know my mom Kay Schott, who lives in Vandalia.
I’ve been blessed to have her here so close through the past few years but don’t nearly do enough in spending time with her and talking to her on a more regular basis.
These events cause us to cherish the time we have on earth with our parents more than ever before.
Perhaps this editorial can be a blessing to you.
Have you called your mom, dad, or step-mom, or step-dad today? this past week? this past month? Have you taken the time to visit them?
We are not guaranteed to live the few seconds it takes to read this sentence.
Be sure to plug into your parents’ lives.
You never know when you may not have the opportunity in the future.