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Loose gravel and dust thick on some Vandalia streets

Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 11:40 am

A vehicle kicks up some dust on Maple St. in Vandalia.

A vehicle kicks up some dust on Maple St. in Vandalia.

Many Vandalia residents have expressed concerns within the community on the current condition of roads like Maple St., which is full of light colored gravel and are making vehicles dusty.
Street Superintendent Dave Hamby said the chip and seal process hasn’t changed for the City of Vandalia but some of the material and weather conditions have this year.
“Every year it’s not easy to get the rock or material,” Hamby added. “We get the oil from southern Missouri. The rock is a different color but it’s the same aggregate. It’s a lighter color. I’m hoping next year we can go back with the dark rock.”
Hamby said the gravel came from its same supplier in Louisiana, Missouri, which typically pulls rock from the river.
Since the dark rock was unavailable, the supplier sent rock from a quarry in south Missouri.
This meant the rock didn’t get freshly washed before being received as it has in years past. This change along with the fact that the city hasn’t had much precipitation has caused the gravel to be dusty.
“I agree the streets are dusty and they have some gravel on them,” Hamby added. “But it’s just the way it works when you chip and seal…I hope to start (street) sweeping in the next two to three weeks; I hope it doesn’t take that long,” Hamby added.
With the dry weather, Hamby said his crew of just two full-time employees and one part-time employee have been focusing on the list of 25+ culverts needing addressed at the request of Vandalia residents.
The crew is also shaping ditches, maintaining city buildings, and taking care of a wide area of duties that even includes the removal of dead animals off roadways.
Many culverts and ditches needed to be addressed after the city had unusual rain totals from May through July.
Hamby noted that he hasn’t personally received many complaints from residents.
He added that he does want residents to call City Hall and ask for him to let him know of any complaints they might have. If you have a complaint regarding street conditions, call Hamby at City Hall at 573-594-6186.