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Looking forward to two more years of cooperative football

Posted on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 11:22 am

Both the Van-Far R-I and Community R-VI School Boards officially approved a measure to continue its cooperative football program through the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons.
I personally think this is a great move by both districts.
Enrollment continues to be a concern at Van-Far, and without the additional students from the neighboring district, this team would be in danger of not having enough healthy players during a full regular season schedule. A lot of good points were made at both district meetings on the cooperative agreement in what both sides would like to see take place over the next two years. So what should the districts do now that this agreement has been renewed? I have a few thoughts…
It’s time to get some sort of Community R-VI influence in the football uniforms. I understand there was a plan in place in regards to putting red on some helmet decals but the decals ordered didn’t have the red in them. That’s a good start if new decals can be made available for the next season.
Perhaps other possibilities include red trim on a jersey or even red pants (though some folks with more fashion sense then me might question the black, gold, and red look.)
Another approach is how to address the Indians football team. Recently, many fans have called the team “VAN-FAR6.”
I personally suggest “Van-Far/R6” so the Community R-VI name is more visible than just the number.
Throughout the season, I have been writing my football stories with the description as “Van-Far/Community R-VI” to accurately depict the cooperative partnership.
While the players coming from Community R-VI have not been as numerous as some fans might hope, it’s important to remember that football is new to their community.
Many parents there didn’t grow up with the grid-iron experience and are learning as they go.
Add in the fact that many players didn’t start playing the sport at a young age, it is easy to see the task coaches and administrators have in teaching and encouraging students the value of playing in a sport like football.
What doesn’t hurt is some former Trojans have continued their careers already at the collegiate level.
It’s also time to begin hosting some football-related events at Community R-VI. One past suggestion includes holding a Power Puff game or scrimmage under the lights at Community R-VI. This would be a great start.
Perhaps a pep rally or bonfire are two other suggestions.
There are so many things that can be done to energize this partnership and to encourage more and more future athletes to participate on the football team.
These changes, along with a need to fix some possible transportation issues for some R-VI potential players, could be enough to get that district’s participation to the ideal four to five players per class.
This would help in building the Indians program into the contender that fans want it to become for many upcoming seasons.