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Local company violates DNR odor regulations

Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 11:33 am

The CE Grain Company, LLC on Highway 54.

For some time now, many drivers traveling between Vandalia and Farber have noticed a really bad smell invading their vehicles as they go through the area on Highway 54.
After an area citizen made a complaint to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR), area drivers may have some relief from the odor in the near future.
According to Connie Patterson, the Director of Communications for the Missouri DNR, a representative visited the CE Grain Company, L.L.C. facility on May 17 in response to the concern.
Staff from the DNR’s Northeast Regional Office in Macon determined the odors were above the “threshold allowed under Missouri’s odor regulation.”
The odor was a result of the company composting dead chickens combined with chicken litter. Reportedly, the facility receives materials from local poultry operations and purchases the chicken litter to mix into the dead chickens to produce an end product to sell.
The odor regulation the company violated is 10CSR 10-6.165 in the Code of State Regulations. This regulation’s language notes that “General Provisions-No person may cause, permit, or allow the emission of odorous matter in concentrations and frequencies or for durations that odor can be perceived when one volume of odorous air is diluted with seven volumes of odor-free air for two separate trials not less than 15 minutes apart within the period of one hour. This odor evaluation shall be taken at a location outside of the installation’s property boundary.”
The company has been asked to provide a response on how it will address the excess odors is due to the DNR by July 1, 2017.
“The department is asking the company to address the excess odors from the composting operation,” Patterson said. “We are currently working to set up an assistance visit from our regional office staff to provide guidance on composting to help the company reduce the odor.”
CE Grain Company also had a visit from DNR on April 10 regarding wastewater runoff issues found during that visit in response to a citizen concern. CE Grain Company has submitted a plan to address these issues, which brings the company back into compliance with the Missouri Clean Water Law and Missouri Clean Water Commission regulations.