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Local business affected by fire, ambulance unit was also inside

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 1:55 pm

Flames overtake the inside of Jensen Auto Body in Vandalia.

Local firefighters responded to Jensen Auto Body on Sunday morning in Vandalia after reports of fire and smoke coming out of his place of business.
The fire marshall was called in and no cause for the fire was given to the Leader as of press time.
Fortunately, no one was reportedly hurt.
Sara Jensen, wife of business owner Scott Jensen, said her family is thankful for prayers being said on her family’s behalf during this time.
“Yes, we would like to thank everyone that helped,” Sara Jensen said. “The Vandalia and Farber Fire Department, the first responders, the EMTs, and all the volunteers, (and any others).”
She went on to say that Scott’s business will continue operating out of the shop that is at their home.
Caught in the fire was Van-Far Ambulance Unit No. 8, which was at Jensen Auto Body after being repaired from a collision with a deer.
Van-Far Ambulance District Administrator Wendy Hull said the work was done on the unit and all that was needed was decals to finish the job.
The vehicle was originally purchased around 2010 for around $130,000. Fully equipped, value for the unit, which was in excellent condition, reaches around $400,000.
Hull said on Monday that she has been actively on the phone with American Response Vehicles (ARV) to order the contents for the district’s next ambulance it looks to purchase by the help of insurance. Hull said the district had insurance for the vehicle and the contents inside.
She said one of the challenges for the district being down to just one vehicle is that the district will have two crews working on the same shift many times during the winter.
Hull is hoping for a quick turnaround time as the district looks to add a replacement vehicle. The newer Unit No. 7 is currently being used as the main ambulance for the district.