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Local bowlers get top state awards

Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 11:42 am

Feldman’s All-Star Printing. Front row, from left: Justin Stowers and Ian Boston. Back row: Hunter Scrogin and Seth Morris.

Sixteen bowlers representing Spare Time Bowl and Grill competed in the Missouri State USBC Youth Championship Tournament in Joplin, Mo. the weekend of April 28-29.
The tournament took place over four weekends from April 21-May 13 and approximately 600 youth participated.
“Each of the kids did an awesome job and represented our organization wonderfully,” said supporters of the young bowlers. “Special thanks go to the sponsors which were Kuda’s Auto Repair, Frank Wallace-Shelter Insurance, Null’s Tree Service, Feldman’s All Star Printing, and Spare Time Bowl and Grill. Next year’s tournament will take place in St. Joseph, Mo.” Unofficial results include:
Kuda’s Auto Repair-Team includes Robert Ford, Skip Figgins, Brian Couch, and Joseph McCormick.
The team finished in second place overall in Division 2.
Doubles: Robbie and Brian, Division 1-49th; Skip and Joe, Division 1-53rd; Singles: Robbie, Division 1-27th; Brian, Division 2-23rd; Skip, Division 2-48th; Joe, Division 2-69th; All Events: Robbie, Division 1-17th; Brian, Division 2-44th; Skip, Division 2-56th; and Joe, Division 2-42nd
Shelter Insurance-, Frank Wallace-Team includes Ryan Null, Chase Wright-McAfee, Reagan Wright-McAfee, and Alex Wilson.
The team took first place in Division 2. Doubles: Reagan and Chase, Division 1-20th; Alex and Ryan, Division 2-24th; Singles: Chase, Division 1-22nd; Reagan, Division 1-48th; Alex, Division 2 -5th; and Ryan, Division 3-33rd
All Events: Chase, Division 1-12th; Reagan, Division 1–36th; Alex, Division 2-5th; and Ryan, Division 3-17th
Feldman’s All-Star Printing:
The team took third place in Division 4.
Doubles: Hunter and Seth, Division 3-27th; Justin and Ian, Division 2-2nd; Singles: Ian, Division 3-15th; Justin, Division 3-39th; Hunter, Division 4-43rd; Seth, Division 5-10th
All Events: Ian, Division 3-4th; Justin, Division 3-10th; Hunter, Division 4-43rd; and Seth, Division 5 – 10th
Null’s Tree Service-Team includes Kaden Whiteaker, Jesse Kaufman, Remington Null, and Dylan Stowers.
The team finished seventh overall in Division 2.
Doubles: Kaden and Jesse, Division 1-10th; Remington and Dylan, Division 1-39th; Singles: Kaden, Division 2-6th; Jesse, Division 2-61st; Remington, Division 2-2nd; and Dylan, Division 2-48th
All Events: Kaden, Division 2-15th; Jesse, Division 2-30th; Remington, Division 2-2nd; and Dylan, Division 2-54th