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Local author retells old Bible story in a new way

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 11:45 am

By Clay Coleman

LADDONIA—“It is my firm belief that as we travel in our Christian life throughout this world, God gives each one of us tasks to do and missions to accomplish.”
With those words, Monte Hanson, former radio station manager, Christian book store owner, and a past mayor of Laddonia, has published a new book to help people explore and understand the Gospels in the New Testament, entitled “That Man Jesus.”
Hanson’s book is the story of Jesus from the four Gospels, compiled into a complete and chronological account of his life and ministry. His writing combines details of every event, every story, with clarity and no superfluidity. What the reader gets is a complete chronological narrative of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.
The book includes hundreds of study notes Hanson has compiled as a biblical teacher over the last 40 years. He breaks down life during the time of Jesus, talks about Roman and Greek culture and their influence, and offers up his views on the Divinity, or that while Jesus of the Bible is God, he was also fully human, and does a remarkable job explaining that to the reader.
“It’s good to learn how Jesus, as a human, coped with many of the same heartaches we have,” Hanson writes. “Jesus speaks to us, many times through his word, so, we need to read his story and open our hearts. He wants to be our anchor in this crazy world we live in.”
Using the “New International Version Bible” as his backdrop, Hanson has color-coded ‘That Man Jesus’ to make it easily accessible to students of the gospels, as well as layman alike. He put the scripture from the Gospels in black, the words of Jesus in red, and his study notes in blue. The color-coding makes sure there is no dispute as to who said what.
Also, Hanson has created a unique verse numbering system, so the reader can reference where a specific word or verse is located in the four Gospels.
“Realizing that none of the four Gospels are precisely in chronological order, and by looking at where events took place and leaving out direct contradictions, putting it all in order just seemed to flow,” Hanson wrote in his Introduction.
The 450-page hardback edition, published by Christian Faith Publishing, will be distributed nationwide to all Christian and secular bookstores through Ingram and Spring Arbor Distributors, and online at Amazon. The e-book version of “That Man Jesus” can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iTunes at the end of February.
According to Hanson, “Over many years, especially these last two, this writing at God’s direction has now come to fruition. The story of Jesus is as relevant today as the first day the story was ever told.”