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Local Aquacise class looking to help area residents

Posted on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 1:02 pm

Participants in the Aquacise program.

Participants in the Aquacise program.

By Ben Marshall
The Vandalia Leader

Residents of the area have been “aquacising” since before the building of the new pool.
Ages for those in the class include people in their early 20’s to some over 80 years young.
There have been children, expectant people, and those who are working past a stroke. Everybody is welcome to attend the beneficial class.
The Aquacise time includes two lifeguards, who take shifts to oversee that all is well.
It is reported that there has been as many as 20 aquacising together at one time.  Many like Aquacising when the weather is warm, so numbers begin usually small until Summer.
One nice thing is Aquacising is pay as you swim.
In this way it is not necessary to be spending on swim times one does not attend due to rainy, cold, or otherwise bad weather.  Not to forget that often during Spring, Summer, and Fall there are also vacations and visitors to consider.
Aquacising is a relaxed move as you can exercise in a relaxed setting among friends.  It also can be a time for getting to know one another; however, it is no time for horseplay.  It is a serious time of real exercise.
During this time some do choose to take advantage of free swim as well as swimming laps in that assigned area to get their exercise.
Brenda Gower has been chosen to lead and direct much of the Aquacise by her peers of the group in attendance. She pays just as everyone else. She has stated that there is no official leader of the group.
There is a list of Aquacises to do in sets and basically someone needs to help direct the count of each one.
The aim is to exercise the whole person, and one good thing in Aquacise is you have the water to hold you up.
As most of the Aquacise is below water level, no one can see personally how fast or slow, or just how many activities are accomplished.
This way people can go at their own pace and build up to doing full sets, starting at what ever level you can and building up to the normal sets of 20 each. Gower states that she and others are looking forward to the new YMCA project to come to completion so that they can also continue other type exercise throughout the year as well.
Aquacise is great for those who need an extra lift to relieve joints, muscle, and other things that are made difficult in exercising with the full effect of gravity.
Those who attend are there to get a workout while also having a good time.
The goal is to get more fit, yet not to leave feeling a burn, or hurt.  It also is not a time when many want to get tanned or their skin burnt.
This is why meetings are held in the afternoon, and sunscreen is often wore.  The sun and water can both be lifting. Both have benefits, but also need to be respected accordingly. Aquacise is open to all ages with a serious desire to get some exercise, have a good time, and enjoy the lift that the water can bring.
Aquacise is offered at the Vandalia Family Aquatic Center and held on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:45-6:45 p.m.
The cost is only $4 and with a purchased season pass fee is only $2. For more information, call the Aquatic Center at 573-594-2540.